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  1. What Ive always been wondering: is there any advantage to doing it manually? Or is automatic just fine?
  2. I just leave it on all the time. With it off you have to control prop pitch manually I believe, which is too much hassle for me to even learn.
  3. Im wondering the same, Im missing 40GB of disk space to download the update. Will it even be using all that space one its installed?! I only own 250GB ssds and I really dont want to put it back on my HDD windows raid, but if I do, can I just copypaste the folder over without worrying about fucking up my installation?
  4. You can simply fix this in the mission editor, as I wrote in my original comment. But yes, would be nice if the whole Mirage campaign could get an overhaul, as the many updates in the last year have influenced some other parts of it aswell.
  5. How does this work now? I cant seem to get the VTB to switch ranges by just driving the TDC into the top or bottom anymore. EDIT: okay I think I found the problem: if you lowered the Y saturation for the TDC axes, apparently the "momentum" of the TDC isnt enough to be recognized as touching the top/bottom "hard" enough to switch ranges. Is that correct? Anyways the TDC does feel far more precise now even with 100% axis saturation, did anything change there?
  6. Hello guys, hello Sahaj, I recently got a silicone ring for the TM Warthog from your shop, Sahaj. Now Im wondering what kind of glue best to use to fix it in the stick and what kind of grease to use all around. Are there any recommendations you guys can give me?
  7. Are you sure? The GR tutorial said that the BAD automatically compensates for magnetic. But Ill check that again, from the values it sounds like this could be the culprit. However, when I tried that with Magic Unlock, by CCRP wings changed direction and lead me to the actual BAD I input before. How can that be?
  8. I seem to have an issue with the PI designation. I have set my roh and theta to 37° and 9nm, but whenever I designate on the IP, my roh and theta change to some weird values and the hud markers point me to something like 30°, way off target. Specifically I talk about the campaign mission 13, I always have this issue there. I always have to press "magic unlock/INS Update" AFTER designating with PI to get the correct bearings. Is that normal?!
  9. Has this been deployed yet? I tried the mission twice already today and I was expecting for it to be an automatic script with voice over. But I also only got the "visual". Or is that the signal that they started to lase? I should learn how to offset bomb properly first though, I guess, cant even find the target (I have INS drift disabled). edit: I realized I didnt know how to properly offset bomb since the last update. It requires a bit of a workaround now, since you need to adjust the height of WP5 to be on the deck so you can properly do an INS update/AG designate (at least without drift).
  10. Hi, I have the issue that theres one static E-3 on a parking spot just outside the runway, which is blocking the AI from taxiing. Any idea if this is a bug or if I can fix this somehow? edit:I just saw an older video from last year, and the E-3 Im talking about was parked in a competely different spot, with a C-130 sitting at the spot that the E-3 is on for me now, which is probably the cause of the issue because its much longer, sticking into the AI-taxiway limits. Any help? edit#2: In the meantime I found out the cause and I could fix it. I managed to open the mission in the editor, change the parking spot of that E-3 (the one it was supposed to use was not available, so it was set to the spot of the C-130) and thus fix the blockage. However now my mission shows twice in the Campaign menu, effectively lowering my success rate, because I can only finish one of the 2 versions. Any idea how to fix that?
  11. Hello, a friend of mine and I want to start learning the Apache. Its the first helicopter for both of us and he has a lot less experience with DCS than I do, so I expect that I will pilot and he will do the front seat. Can you give me suggestions as to what the best way is to learn it together? I guess the ingame training missions wont be made for multiplayer, right? So are there maybe good Youtube tutorials made from both pilot and wso perspectives? What other ways are there to learn it? thanks for the help!
  12. Guys I didnt wanna start a discussion about the missile performance. I basically just want information on to what extent the aircraft will be realistic, like in %. And if possible, what systems are confidential and have to either be deactivated completely, or modeled to a very arcadey degree.
  13. Exactly. How is something like this portrayed in DCS generally? I would guess the manufacturers numbers in lab conditions can be at least estimated to somewhat realistic scenarios with the known physics of how these radars work, dont they? Like, would Heatblur put in the plain numbers on paper from the manufacturer or tune them to likely be more realistic in all different weather and target conditions?
  14. I'd love to know the degree of realism that the EF and its weapons will have in DCS. I've just heard that the Meteor for example has a max range of 200km and an active/pitbull range of 80km. It sounds pretty insane compared to the rest of missiles we have in DCS and I wondered how effective this would be IRL. For one, I highly doubt that the EF radar can get a reliable lock at 120km, from what Ive experienced in DCS. But my question is, am I biased because I only know DCS and in fact IRL its actually much more capable than I think? And how close to this could we get in DCS with the "publically available data"? I mean those 200km range sound pretty much like propaganda to me, so would it make sense to incorporate this in DCS? IM SO HYPED THO
  15. Alright I keep an eye out if it happens again and save the track. Any idea how I can make the conversion of inHG to mbar easier in the M2000?
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