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  1. Yea, I just got Flaming Cliffs and the A-10C to start my DCS Air Force. Bought them on Steam and installed them into a standalone DCS installation without asking for the authorization codes. I want the Mustang and I think a helo, I've taken plenty of rides in a Huey, but it's pretty much the pickup truck of helicopters, I might try the Ka-50. If I have any cash left over, I'd like to have the BF-109. Sorry kids, Santa is not coming this year, Daddy is buying airplanes.
  2. I'm new to DCS, but this is my take. I have Steam because if you want to play games on a PC, they are pretty hard to avoid. For DCS, I have the program installed in a directory apart from my Steam game files, that is, one DCS install is on Steam and one is a "standalone". It takes a little extra hard drive space, but I don't 100% trust Steam. Maybe multiplayer is better on Steam, I'm not sure. For a few gigabytes of hard drive space, I get it both ways. Today, Steam has DCS modules at great prices. I buy them on Steam and they install to the Steam game. I'll download the same modules from the DCS website and use the Steam CD codes to install them. If Steam servers get hacked, which would not surprise me at all, I still have my DCS install with the standalone. Like many computer users these days, I use an SSD for my boot drive and programs and a large capacity spinner for storage so a few gigabytes is not much for peace of mind.
  3. In your Steam Game Library, if you highlight "DCS World" there is no "CD Key" menu option under "Links" in the lower right of the Steam Client window? I'll buy the DCS DLC through Steam because it's such a great deal, but I am going to install them in a standalone game. I hope you don't have a problem with Steam because their support and customer service is absolutely terrible. It could take weeks for them to respond to a support ticket. My first DCS module purchases were the A-10C and Flaming Cliffs. I want to get a couple more aircraft before the sale is over, for sure, but which ones?
  4. I found this Steam FAQ pretty helpful.
  5. Thank you very much and thanks for all the information. I saw that and it is certainly good news. I am headed over there now to spend some money. I've flown the Su-25T and the P-51 for a few hours. I am a fan of WWII aircraft so flying the P-51 was a lot of fun. I wouldn't be worried about me shooting any of you guys down for quite some time. Thanks again for all the helpful advice.
  6. As a new DCS user, this the the news I've been waiting for!
  7. I just starting using DCS and so far it has been great. I've been waiting for a good combat flight simulator since CFS2, which wasn't working that well on my Win 7 64 bit system. I am looking to purchase my first module for DCS, hopefully they will be on sale over the holidays, and I was wondering if the Flaming Cliffs 3 package would be a good way to go. Since it has a number of aircraft, I was thinking that would be a good way to get started instead of buying one or two single aircraft modules, which is all I can really afford at the moment. Any input or opinions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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