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  1. Thanks. Also, I have to agree with Phil and dFlow; I would welcome some weather. One map I could see it really working on is "Supervision." A solid 10/10 overcast layer from like 7000-9000 feet would let Blue strike both comm sites above the weather and hit the convoy under it. Both teams could still takeoff and recover in visual conditions. The only concern I have concerning weather is that I have heard that individual cloud positions aren't global - IE clouds in a 5/10 layer won't appear in the same place across each client across multiplayer, so one player might think there is a cloud between him and a bandit, when in fact on the other player's machine he is clearly visible. Kinda limits mission designers to solid overcast layers...
  2. Thanks to Mav for sorting this out. Very useful link for the multiplayer crowd. Forum post where he explains it. Just the link. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/personal/server/#allservers
  3. Not a mig driver, sorry. Maybe i’ll grab it on the sale to help with numbers next time around since red seems to be short much of the time.
  4. Since I no longer appear on the roster I will take that as confirmation that LotATC is indeed a requirement to GCI. I’ll look into getting it for the next round. Have fun all.
  5. Edit : just realized LotATC is payware also. It looks interesting but I won’t be able to get that all sorted out in time for a match. I’m happy to help in a normal slot but if that isn’t acceptable for this tournament no worries, I just wanted to offer to help if I could, I hope everyone has fun either way.
  6. Real life weather is making it look like I will be available Sunday. I am down to GCI, but is Lot ATC a requirement? I have only GCI’ed in vanilla DCS.
  7. Can’t agree with the two gents above any more. Buy with confidence, particularly with the sale on. You will not regret it.
  8. Just to close this one out from earlier this summer. It turns out DDU and all my other machinations weren't the answer, after my post on the last day of August more hard reboots ensued. I contacted Corsair and did an expedited warranty swap on the PSU (they shipped immediately and put a hold on my card until they got my old power supply). They even sent a slightly newer model of my old 750 watt PSU and it has been flawless since I installed it.
  9. The waypoints, as well as the map markers, are essentially on top of their respective bases on "when the mountains cry" and the waypoints seem to coincide fairly well with target locations on the other maps-- (I'm certainly not trying to speak for Alpenwolf if you were looking for an answer directly for him; I just saw your question and thought I would speak up in case you were looking for a quick answer).
  10. Hi Alpenwolf, I was working as a GCI for blue team recently on "Open Range" and I was scratching my head a bit trying to vector strikers -- I think the grid references in the briefing might be off. If I am looking at it right, I think the Water Station is found in KQ80 and the Factory Complex/Bull is in KQ60.
  11. Are you sure you are editing an actual profile through the profile tab, not just by selecting a store in the DSMS? Just clicking on a station and making changes creates a manual profile, noted by the M/ prefix, and by design will not save. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=223755
  12. For a long time I have used the link https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/gameapi/serverlist.php to check which servers are online and populated, but the last week or so it just posts as a blank screen. Does anyone else use this or know of another way to check on server status without firing up DCS?
  13. Thanks. There is also a report in the A4 thread claiming it is failing IC in MP (although no one has collaborated the report).
  14. The only way to assign an axis is in DCS. TARGET gives you some choices to tweak axis parameters and enable/disable them entirely but it cannot tell DCS what you want an axis to do.
  15. “Axis assign” tab on controls page in DCS. Go in, delete everything, and only map what you need. Axis assignment can really only be handled in engine...
  16. Is the server having updates or mx? It was up a few hours back but for the last hour or so it isn’t showing up in the browser and direct IP doesn’t work. I’m running the latest OB and all that...
  17. I would recommend a hold command for both. Whether firing the guns or trying to clear all my rockets in one pass, I want the control in question to stay held down until I release it.
  18. My two favorite modules are the F5 and the A10C, and the A10C was actually my first DCS purchase. If you are wanting to do more air to ground I wouldn't be too concerned about getting into the A10 as long as you don't try to learn everything at once. What I mean is that the F5 has already provided you a strong background for the systems you will use. For example, the A10 has 3 radios but they all basically work the same as the radio in the F5, so that will be easy. The A10 has GPS/INS navigation that takes some learning, but it also has a TACAN receiver as well as an ILS. Since you already know how to navigate with the TACAN/HSI set from the F5, you can get from A to B in the A10 with minimal stress. And integrating the targeting pod with other weapon systems is a bit complex at first, but if you are used to doing manual depression bomb drops/rocket deliveries in the F5, CCIP bombs and rockets with the A10, along with improved cannon sight, will seem very easy by comparison. All I am saying is that as long as you take a building block approach to learning the systems, I can't say enough good things about the A10, it is highly rewarding to learn. Just because you will have all the features of the aircraft available the first time you get into it, that doesn't mean you have to use all of them right away. Also depending on your learning style finding someone to fly with online to talk you through the systems can be invaluable. Good luck.
  19. np mlordi. DCS “sees” your Thrustmaster controllers differently depending on whether you are running TARGET or not. When TARGET isn’t running, in the DCS controller page you will see a column for each TM device (TM Joystick/TM Throttle/TM MFD/ect). When TARGET is running you will only see a device named “Thrustmaster Combined” with its own column. Yes, you are able to map functions to the “Thrustmaster Combined” device directly in DCS. (At least up to a point - someone please correct me if I am wrong but I believe there will be a limitation on how many keys you can direct map if you have too many TM devices, IE the HOTAS and 2 MFDs). However, I would avoid any direct mapping. Essentially when you build your a TARGET profile and run it, each button you press is emulating a keyboard press (or a sequence of key presses, which is the reason I choose to use TARGET at all). If you start mixing direct mapping and TARGET, it can lead to confusion, possible double presses (TARGET doing one thing and DCS doing another), and other undesirable outcomes. My advice would be to go all in with TARGET or all in with DCS. When I start building a profile for a new airplane I print out the pages of the TM Warthog manual that show all the buttons and switches (blown up to letter size), sit down in front of the game, and write down by each button what I want it to do (NWS by the pinky latch for example). Then I go into game and see if there is a key already assigned to it (“s” perhaps). If a key is assigned I write it down or assign a key if needed and write it down. Once I have this planned out, I can start TARGET and build my profile, then test and tweak. Welcome back to simming btw.
  20. I sure could have but I had a tail strike on landing so I was immobile on the pad. One last observation since I remember this being addressed before on the thread; on “mountains cry” switching between tac commander and an aircraft hasn’t been costing a life, but today on “five points” it was adding a lost aircraft to my score. I have no idea how to address this but maybe another data point will be helpful.
  21. Hi Alpenwolf, loving the new mission, last night had a group of several F5s and a Huey all working in concert on SRS, it was a great experience of cohesion and teamwork for a couple hours. I have to report a similar experience to Kane though. I dropped the large oil tower (derrick maybe?) at Red Lake 4 during my initial outing with the F5 using rockets. When I returned with ground troops in the Huey, I discovered there was a UAZ still alive right in the rubble of the tower; I mean literally, the tower was collapsed right on top of it (I have tracks if you need to see them). I had to return with an F5 to finish it off with cannon since the infantry couldn't seem to kill it because they were blocked by rubble. It doesn't seem like the destruction of the primary targets (pump rigs/towers/ect) is always guaranteed to destroy their accompanying vehicles. Anyway, thanks as always for a great server.
  22. Very slight instrument mounting error, or uneven ground as Goblin said are possible. More likely is parallax error, a condition in which the pilot's head is not correctly aligned with the instrument in question. If I line up my gunsight pipper perfectly in the center of the combining glass the ball is centered in its race. The point though, as Goblin points out above, is none of that really matters; the instrument is legal for both military and civilian instrument flight; as long as it moves freely in its race to the outside of the turns during taxi, it has passed its instrument cockpit check. Reference USAF manual 11-217 v1. Page 121 describes the ICC. From a regulatory and operational perspective, that instrument is perfectly acceptable. However if you are really convinced this is a bug and you are capable of controlling the aircraft so precisely that that displacement of the ball causes issues for you (I am not nearly that capable and don't know anyone who is) here is the format the moderators prefer for bug reporting. All the best.
  23. Hi mlordi - just my 2 cents, I use TARGET for every module I own except the a10. My reasoning is that target lets you map multiple presses to a switch, so that operations like using the emergency ignition in the saber (cover raise, move switch) can be done by simply moving one switch on the throttle quadrant. The only downside from my experience is that changing aircraft types in MP usually requires me to leave DCS to change profiles. Other than that, it has always done the job for me.
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