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  1. Like the good ideas everyone else is posting I would lean towards a binding issue somewhere. Have you tried an airborne start to see if you have sufficient pitch authority in the air?
  2. The airport itself is visible if you know where it is, the problem is that the name doesn't appear and scale up like it does for the unoccupied fields. I believe this started somewhere during the 2.5 era and there is nothing we can do as users to change it with our individual settings. I guess I just learned where the airports are after time. If you aren't familiar with the map I would recommend joining as Tac Commander before you hop in your aircraft and write down the grid for the base/FARP you will be using...and keep that list around for the next time that mission is up in rotation.
  3. Hence my edit in post 20 :) New to the Harrier, found that page after posting when I was looking for the bug Shadow was referencing.
  4. Sorry I wasn't perfectly precise, I meant TPOD. I'll work on my acronyms. My targeting pod tracks moving targets. -select your TPOD, take it out of standby, select TDC so it is underlined -slew the TPOD so it is over your target, no need to designate, just push the AR/PT OSB and it will start a point track of the target. You might have to wiggle the slew around a bit but it will grab, I have been getting moving T72s around 10 NM -uncage mav -SSS forward until IRMV is the selected sensor -TDC depress to designate (not sure if it is my imagination but I have been waiting until around 6NM on the moving targets, I was having a harder time getting it to lock at the usual ~8NM) -Rifle Track and screenshot attached. I have viewed the track 4 times, 1 of the times it had the usual DCS desync issue and never showed the moving point track. If you can't get it to display correctly with a few tries I captured with FRAPs as well but I would rather not upload that if I don't have to. It does work though. Latest OB by the way if I didn't say so. EDIT: Just was looking at Razbam's bug tracker, I noticed the "point mode doesn't work on cold start" bug, I'm guessing that was the one Shadow was referring to. Example given above was from an airborne start. harrier tpod + irmavs moving target.trk
  5. Thanks shadow, I was trying this and amending my reply above as you were posting, you are correct, it works slick.
  6. I’m a little late to this party and fairly new to the Harrier, but everything I have seen says that the DMT-TV is a fixed 6x zoom, with no pilot options there. The WIDE/NAR on the DMT only relates to the LST. Although, that is based on the pocket guide, which has some things wrong, haha. Also the TGPD works just fine with IRMAVs. I just loaded up a quick “3 tanks in the desert” type mission, turned off the DMT, slewed the TGPD over the first tank in TDC, uncaged the first mav, selected it, designated, fired, uncaged, selected mav, slewed over 2nd tank, designated, fired, repeated for the 3rd, all in one pass.
  7. Dr Vixen, this link shows what servers are running in real-time, along with their IP address. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/personal/server/#allservers
  8. The manual is wrong in its examples in cases 2,3, and 4. Case 1 on page 84 is correct (exactly two bombs drop singly with the set interval). Case 2 (pg 85) will drop exactly 2 bombs as a pair. Case 3 drops a single bomb. Case 4 drops a pair. Terrible hindrance when the manual is incorrect. Not sure how it works in the real AC.
  9. This is correct, Harrier is AIM-9M/CAP-9M only, thats the only one I can help with. Aside from being an unnecessary complication, I don't think loadout restrictions will change the style of the fighting on the server. Most of the kills I inflict/observe/suffer are indeed undetected missile shots, must often to the rear quarter, and come from one player's failure to observe the other, whether getting jumped outright or one loses visual in a turn. Even with the "all-aspect" AIM-9P5 of the F5 I almost never fire it from anywhere but behind an opponent. I don't see loadout restrictions changing this, and when I want turning gunfights in jets there are excellent Korean era servers. Of course, plenty of kills are inflicted on unsuspecting aircraft there too. Essentially my point is that in the visual arena we play in, I think gaining sight/keeping sight will continue to be the greatest determining factor in who flies home. Additionally I wouldn't want to see the strike planes defanged, it is already hard enough to get anyone to focus on the ground objectives. That said, nothing personal at all against anyone, just a contrasting opinion; everyone has their own thing. Cheers all and thanks as always to Alpenwolf for keeping the server so fun and engaging and being involved with the community.
  10. Yea, I completely get what you are saying, but that is why I said “offensive IFF” in the first post. (Perhaps I should have used a different phrase there, I was trying to reference the ability to interrogate, which the A10 lacks.) Frankly I kinda hope ED leaves the system on the aircraft being interrogated simple. I am all for realism, but I could see a team kill epidemic on public servers because of people not reading the brief, incorrectly operating equipment, etc. However, wherever ED goes with this system, I’m sure the community will adapt. Cheers.
  11. I don't think anyone who has spent any time in the F5 would ever call it overpowered, but GA comparisons might be selling it a little short haha. I would ask what your weight/drag index was in that climb, however, and why you needed to go so slow? No climb profiles are provided for a mil power climb at less than 285 KIAS in TO 1F-5E-1, and in fact it recommends "a minimum of 300 KIAS should be maintained except for instrument approaches, maximum range descents, landings, and tactical maneuvering." On a typical Caucus MP mission my loadout puts me at 20,000 pounds/130 drag index. I accelerate to 300 before turning and climb at max power to 10,000 feet, then transition to a mil climb to the mid teens, and I usually see 4000 FPM or greater in the max power phase. We're clearly both fans of the plane, and I'm not doubting your experience at 180 KIAS at all. I just think that excessive AOA/drag/ect at that speed (especially in a turn) are really keeping you down. Pure turbojet = "the faster it goes, the faster it goes faster" and all that. Anyway, cheers all, and I hope the OP enjoys the purchase.
  12. Generally 24/7 unless Alpenwolf is doing maintanence. Highly reliable server. It was up this morning in the US, as well as this evening. (And the rest of the day I’m sure, those were just the times I personally looked.) Here is the link to see what servers are running. If you see it there and you can’t join the issue is probably on your end. As Dehuman said server is on open beta.
  13. Check your mappings. The nose wheel turns with your rudder pedals when the NWS button is depressed. Make sure only one axis is mapped to the rudder. Then look at your aircraft in the F2 view to see how the nose wheel is behaving.
  14. Part 4 of Appendix I of TO 1F-5E-1 is the “range” section and probably has the closest thing to what you are looking for. That is where the constant altitude cruise charts and nm per pound charts are found. Examples for the use of every chart in Apendix I are at the bringing of each respective part. Part 10 provides an example mission and goes through the solution from taxi to landing. It would take an afternoon to go through the whole process however haha. Have you thought about getting your own no wind numbers for quick and dirty calculations? Like loading up the editor with the aircraft stores you want and cruising constant airspeed/Mach at 5k, 10k,15k,FL200, etc, and writing down your TAS (F2 view) and fuel flow. Then cruise fuel would be an easy calculation for you.
  15. I get ya, I was just pointing out that the GBU-12s don't appear on that picture haha. Anyway thanks for your service.
  16. He can correct me if I am wrong, but I don't believe Fer wasn't looking for the ability to plot a call on the moving map; aside from that requiring a lot of head-down time he was just looking for a continuously displayed radial/distance from the bull. As it stands, you have to use the plus two/minus two, plus/minus 180, or whatever mental tool is your favorite to make the bearing field into a radial and he wanted a way to bypass that step. That being said, the method you described would work to generate a pictorial display if that is what you are after, I just don't know how practical it is in a single pilot tactical aircraft. As for a BRAA call, sure you could plot that too but much as before I would advocate looking out the windscreen in that case.
  17. Are you sure that is where you want to stop all debate? I like my GBU-12s in team play, I would hate for ED to take them away:). In all seriousness a comprehensive and appropriate list is easily available for the finding, it just runs afoul of rule 1.16 to post a snap. (And sadly it will still show only 2 sidewinders allowed).
  18. Quick question to make sure I am understanding the control system of the F5 correctly (sorry OP, not trying to derail, I'll make a new post if this isn't a one-answer deal). I thought with an all-flying hydraulically actuated horizontal and an electric trim system that just adjusts the spring feel system to the stick, the full 17 degrees of up elevator should always be available, so elevator authority should have nothing to do with trim position. (IE, stick force would be higher, but the mechanical stop of the stick should be reachable even with more nose down trim than required for the current flight state). Am I missing something here? Thanks.
  19. No need to get angry and threaten my poor digital pilot. Its the bug section. If you claim bugs without evidence and then actively protest the constructive advice you receive, you might get called out. But I concede the point that kicking dirt at each other probably isn't the best use of the bug section either and certainly doesn't help the aircraft or the community. Cheers.
  20. You are the one that reopened it after almost 2 weeks in post #5. I guess I just figured something new had occurred... Sure you did. Right here.
  21. Weird. -I would start with a repair of DCS -what joystick are you using and do you use any profiling software? -can you map any of your other joystick buttons to trim? -is anything weird on your key mapping screen? grayed out boxes, ect I'm no control profile expert (I lucked out and was unaffected by the profile issues that hit a ton of people this fall), but those are my initial thoughts. Hopefully those answers can get the ball rolling so someone else who knows more about control mapping will read this and be able to help you out!
  22. Porkchopper, my experience is that people who are going to use public voice will be on SRS, when the server is busy SRS is well populated generally (at least for blue).
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