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  1. Hey there, was just on the Deka forums and saw you posted some info about the MKK. Do you have the files in a dropbox or link so that I can have a look at them?

  2. Sorry, who are you to tell people what they should and shouldnt be doing?
  3. Wolfbite

    F-15E UFC poll

    What would the main differences in capabilities be? Voted analogue
  4. Ooooh yeah. Look at that. More, GIVE US MORE!! Great work guys. Most excited about this incase you Can't tell.
  5. This looks stunning. Cant wait to get my hands on it. Anyone got any manuals . Ive got one but alas its in Russian
  6. I accidentaly deleted my old save folder. Now I'm redoing control setup. Used to have the Throttle friction set up as the nozzle control. But no longer seem to be able to set it? Any help please?
  7. Are there any plans to add multi-bomb racks or A/G Missiles? I assume this version doesnt have the SVP-24-33 equipped.
  8. I'd defo add this to my hangar. But multicrew might be an issue. Shame they dont have a single seater version. Fingers crossed we'll get this as flyable though.
  9. Jog on. Nothing wrong with asking for more trainers. Especially when it could be as practical as the mitten. @Dehuman I agree. Plenty of other yaks would also fit well with the game.
  10. Just a suggestion. I know bla bla Government Ban. But if theres any chance of getting this just for basic trainer and Light CAS it would be pretty awesome. Has good range of weapons, Looks great and hopefully can get past restriction due to being a trainer would be great. Here's some eye candy
  11. I seem to have a clone of the NPP needle flating around the cockpit?
  12. Does anyone have a Mig-23 MLA manual translated to english that I could read though? Really looking forward to a mig? I assume the MLA's could only load a few FAB's for A-G as they're mainly interceptors?
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