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  1. Oh great... hadn't had time to fly in a while, installed 2.0 and no SLI. I don't care if it's called Alpha, Beta or Omega, it's 2015 and no SLI on 4K is just ridiculous and stupid. It's should be priority number 1. This isn't Farm Simulator!
  2. Do you have DOF on or off?
  3. Ok, I never used Nvidia Inspector, so I downloaded it, opened it, and at 'Number of GPUs to use on SLI rendering mode' I altered the drop-down to the right of it to 'SLI_GPU_COUNT_TWO' and then right top corner Apply settings... Ow, and afterwards I found the home icon left top, I selected 'c:\program files\eagle dynamics\dcs world openbeta\run.exe' and saved that profile, since I don't need my system to SLI my desktop:pilotfly:
  4. Yeah, I manually set the GPU count and it works. Not sure how well it works yet, since I still need to put away my steering wheel and setup my flight gear again. But it's using both cards...
  5. Surely it has nothing to do with the profile, since I'm setting my settings by hand, therefore not using a profile ?
  6. Same thing here. 2x 980Ti and no matter what setting I use for Nvidia control panel, 2nd card is NOT being used...
  7. It works... Edit: It doesn't. Modules are seen but thats it.
  8. My 4K looks fine... Perhaps you should provide more information.
  9. You're not charging your phone on a USB port, are you ? Because then it might try to boot off of it and either hang or at least take forever. Meanwhile you're looking at your flight-gear, trying to figure it out :joystick: Only other thing I can think of is that the BIOS is set to auto overclock and it fails.
  10. I will admit that I caved for such an offer. Just to complete my collection...
  11. Your new SSD might have faster r/w times than the old one. In that case, I'd say put both windows and DCS on it. Anything else that will make it faster is here: http://www.thessdreview.com/ssd-guides/optimization-guides/the-ssd-optimization-guide-ultimate-windows-8-edition/
  12. The only way I'd want a Cessna in DCS is if it's a target for my cannons...
  13. Wings by Cinemaware, on an Amiga.
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