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  1. SUPER HORNET! Thank you guys so much :D
  2. Quite a beautifual aircraft IMO nice skin punisher ;)
  3. Happy bday man you are the ultimate king of ref material lol. Have a good one!:D
  4. If any of you guys are looking to join an FS squadron try this. http://www.freewebs.com/cag40virtual Im trying to join this and it'd be cool if some of you guys did too. They fly nearly every USN aircraft under the sun lol.
  5. RICK how on earth are you making all these models!:D F-14 is great keep it up, ill help you with ref material although v1per will have more. Oh yeah v1per and aeroscout you both have valid points just put these behind you and concentrate on helping RICK. The last thing we want is a model that isnt finished because of arguing. Nice shot btw RICK.
  6. Those pilots look awesome man!!!
  7. *Sigh* I think that too... We had a lot of recruits too, and some of them ask me and ive told them the same. We could i guess start another one? What do you think aeroscout?
  8. Is there any way at all to make this work in 1.02. When i try it it taxi's ok but cant takeoff. And when in the air it drops like a rock. Ailerons and elevators have no influence but for some reason rudders do.
  9. F/A-18 a;though it would be nice to see variation with the Sea Harrier.
  10. Forgive me ive been away from the forum but why?:huh: Btw cant wait to fly the tomcatter skin :P
  11. What's the ETA for this bird? And have you finished the tomcatter hornet skin :))
  12. Yeah, cool thats great i reccently purchased an AV-8B Super Harrier 8). Btw EricJ has anyone started the superbug yet?
  13. Nice touch with the tanks v1per ;)
  14. Cool, cant wait for the LITENING pod either :D This should be awesome!
  15. When you are free will you be able to make a LITENING pod for the F/A-18 to replace the current targeting pod? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LITENING
  16. Great what else have you got planned? Are you going to 'renovate' aircraft like the cat?
  17. Cool, nice to see the old cat getting new clothes ;) I take it you use 3ds max to create the tanks right?
  18. How's the LANTIRN coming along? This lot should hopefully help ya. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LANTIRN http://www.topedge.com/alley/text/other/bombcat.htm http://www.fas.org/man/dod-101/sys/smart/lantirn.htm Sorry but thats all for now.
  19. Awesome tanks and TARP's pod you made there! ;)
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