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  1. I have been pondering getting the Harrier, just not sure if want to add a new jet to the stable. I hardly have the time to fly what I have. However this jet has fascinated me since I was a kid. I think I saw one first on an episode of the old British TV show “The Saint”. I have a quick question for any using Force feedback. Is there any? I have a Microsoft FFB and I was wondering what it feels like when you’re hovering. Is there feedback when you are using the “puffers”?
  2. I like the new maneuverability as well but I am not sure if it is going to be permanent. 1.5.6.xxxxx Update 2 - TBD Adjusted suspension dampers to be more rigid. Adjusted flaps’ drag coefficients. Adjusted pitch, roll, and yaw stability. Fixed RSBN, PRMG, SAU automatic landing modes, causing unwanted oscillation. Fixed landing/taxi light inputs. Added inputs to silent ARC/RSBN signals. Not sure what the third bullet would mean.
  3. I was wondering if anyone else was having the problem when in the gunners position that the KORD machine gun disappears when you move the gun to certain angles? This is with 1.5.5 update 2. The sights are better aligned though but the gun disappearing is new for me.
  4. I like the Egyptian tan skin myself. Perfect for the desert. The Egytians should know, they have a lot of desert.
  5. Wish we could take off the rear clam shell doors! Anyone know of a mod?
  6. Good I don't have to buy this then. http://www.ebay.com/itm/VINTAGE-RUSSIAN-AIRCRAFT-AIRPLANE-COCKPIT-MOUNT-ELECTRIC-ROTARY-FAN-GAUGE-/262199827810?hash=item3d0c53dd62:g:LTgAAOSwqu9VD6kg
  7. The same is happening to me. Mission loading stops at about 3/4. How do I send a log
  8. Will I have to enter my joystick assignments from 1.5 if I am going to have 2.0 or will 2.0 recognize them from 1.5?
  9. I am interested to purchasing the Mig-21 for my next module. I am currently doing most of my flying in the Mi-8 and have noticed that with my system turning the mirror on really kills my frame rate. Does this happen with the Mig-21? It seems like the mirror on the Mig is going to be needed more since the plane has such poor rearward visibility. Is there a drop in frame rate and if the mirror is turned off how bad is it really? Thanks for your replies.
  10. I am also experiencing the same thing. It is a stutter not tearing. It happens when I turn off vsync. I have an ATI card.
  11. Not sure what this means I get this after installing when trying to run the program
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