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  1. Thanks for the updates, but I think ED must reconsidering in giving deadlines and release dates, every release date postponed to another few weeks, its better not to give us dates and make us wait then ... wait another few weeks!!! its just my personal opinion :) Appreciate the transparency, and best regards
  2. trying to run DCS and got this, is this normal !!!!! Failed to get authorization data. Error code is: 502 No saved authorization found.
  3. Thank you :thumbup:, very nice. Can you please make the same thing for other modules
  4. exactly I have the same question, why not to release it as new map (Enhanced Caucasus Map)?
  5. Got it :) Thank you Nirvi :thumbup:
  6. I still have the same problem, in the module manager, it says only (buy) not install!!! I bought Nevada Test and Training Range map on 14/9/2015, so as they mentioned before i will get F-15C Red flag campaign and A-10C Red Flag campaign for free, I just have the F-15C campaign, do I need to do something to get the A-10C campaign? Thanks
  7. After installing DCS 2.0 and Nevada map and installing Mig-21bis module, I go to Instant Action, selecting Mig-21bis but there's no options on the right, how to fly Mig-21bis in Nevada map? thank you in advance
  8. start downloading with about 500kb/s Thanks frog
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