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  1. In my current testing, the gun range indication on the map for the Flak41 seems to be accurate even with the KDO40. The Flak37 is able to engage at further ranges and higher altitudes than the Flak41. Doesn’t seem right.
  2. Thank you for the advice, but I know how to use a Phoenix missile. The missile works fine under these circumstances. What I am saying is that it does not work when fired at 30 degrees. The expected behavior is that the missile should use the extra energy to intercept the target with the extra loft. However, the missile instead overflies the target and fails to track. For me, the problem happens both online and offline. Unfortunately, I cannot provide tracks since they do not work.
  3. So far a fun campaign! There appears to be an error in Mission 8; however. This is the night mission where you have to destroy a convoy with a pair of Mi-28N's. When returning to base, one of the Mi-28N's lands at the player startup position, so the mission cannot be completed because he takes the player's landing spot. The only way to beat the mission right now is to land carefully on the same helipad as the AI Mi-28N. Running DCS
  4. I’ve been noticing this as well. Shooting at 30k-40k ft at a target 50-65nm away, if I pitch up 30 degrees to maximize the loft, the missile often overshoots the target after going into space, usually flying directly over the target. This results in the missile failing to track the target after reaching the pitbull distance. Here is a link to a YouTube video of the issue recorded today. I tried to include a track file, but, as usual, it doesn't work for the F-14. I tried running the mission from a server and saved the server track, but it's still completely off.
  5. Confirmed. Appears to be resolved. I tried playing back my tracks with the issue, and I'm not seeing the black screen. Will have to play more tonight to see if the issue comes back.
  6. In Mission 13 of Memory of the Hero Campaign (Combat Spirit), one of the soldiers in the landing zone randomly explodes. This seems to coincide when the friendly Su-25 is shot down. I'm pretty sure it's trigger related. Anyway, I have attached a track file and a video of the bug happening. Hopefully this can be fixed when this campaign is revisited. Noticeable @49:56 in this video as well. Track file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hhdzesk3dd36ee1/Mission13Bug.rar?dl=0
  7. Thank goodness it’s not just me lol. Hopefully Heatblur can find a solution.
  8. I've noticed in the Tomcat some strange texture flickering that happens only when the mirrors are enabled. When I look at the mirrors, I see a black box appearing on the screen. I tried using the mirrors in other aircraft at the same airfield, such as the F-18 Hornet, and I didn't have the same problem. It only happens with the Tomcat so far. I have attached track files and a YouTube video of the issue happening. Track files: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ibcynnayl6jjab1/TomcatMirrorsBug.rar?dl=0
  9. Lots to look forward to next year! Hopefully we also get Vulkan.
  10. Watch it to the very end! Afghanistan and F-4 Phantom II confirmed. Those GPS coordinates are for Bagram Air Base.
  11. Same. I got it on sale. The kneeboards in English would have been helpful, but I decided just to try to learn how to read Cyrillic, instead, for immersion lol.
  12. Hello everyone! I just thought I'd post here that I'm almost done with a complete walkthrough of this campaign (as of DCS version 2.7.7 - 2.7.8). I didn't see too many walkthrough videos on YouTube, so if you're having trouble with a mission, you can try checking out my recording of it. I haven't encountered any mission-breaking bugs, but the music in the current version tends to overlap radio audio in some cases. Subtitles are helpful in this regard, but it would be nice if the radio music played through the radio in the Ka-50 that has volume control. (Only one radio has bindings for radio volume. The other does not. Would also be nice if ED could implement bindings for both radio volumes.) I'm also not sure if this campaign has been updated for the current DCS lighting adjustments as this campaign came out prior to the lighting overhaul, so I'm also posting this for the mission creator to see how the missions are currently looking in the current DCS version. Anyway, I would strongly recommend this as a purchase because this campaign has good voice acting and interesting and challenging missions to fly. The music selection was superb. I felt like a real Russian helicopter pilot, and this is the first campaign where I've had to master two aircraft to complete it. Looking forward to future updates for this campaign and, of course, the Crew campaign for the Mi-8 when I get time to fly it!
  13. This is good news! Looking forward to playing it again.
  14. Hello, Overall this has been a fun campaign to fly. However, some of the music tracks are a bit too loud or don't trigger correctly. For instance, in mission 4, sometimes two music tracks start playing simultaneously, and the volume can't be adjusted because they are playing on the radio in the Ka-50 that has no volume control. In some cases the music is louder than the radio dialogue as well. This isn't the only mission so far in the campaign in DCS 2.7.7 having the issue, but it's the best example I have recorded. See 36:14 in the video. Here is a link to the mission track file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3c6507idch120c7/memoryofaheromission4.rar?dl=0.
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