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  1. Did a bit more testing and found I was picking up other switches from the front seat while trying to activate the RIOS Master Caution reset switch. Attached images showing this. [ATTACH]206538[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]206539[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]206540[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]206541[/ATTACH]
  2. Hi All Loving the F14 and while playing with a friend we found the Master Caution light/button didn't function. The Pilot Master Caution reset worked fine but the RIO one didn't. We also noticed that the RIO seat could also see the Air Conditioner controls from the back (Button info came though the panel)
  3. In Western Australia eagerly awaiting reveal, so excited to see what it is
  4. When AI is shutting down aircraft the fan blades disappear when RPM reaches 0% Also when are some of the older assets getting remodeled & re textured. Thanks
  5. It is in the modules boys but as everyone's been saying we need an update first before the module downloads.
  6. This release is going to crash the servers. I hope Eagle Dynamics were prepared for this.
  7. Its easy to setup. Open notepad - copy and past the txt - save the file in your DCS World bin folder and remove the .txt at the end of the file name and replace it with .bat and save. then find the file you just saved and double click and ta da
  8. Reporting in from Western Australia 21:32 hrs here. Waiting with DCS Bat updater running and adding another comment for the 100 pages required.
  9. So the controls for the Harrier will be mapped to the existing HOTAS as best they can or will WE have to config the button setup like with the Mirage? Also I noticed the NVG storage compartment on the right side panel. Do we get NVG goggle option like the A10C or is it just the NVG/Thermal HUD ?
  10. So a question: Since the control stick is the same as the F-18C when Eagle Dynamics releases this stick for purchase will Razbam config the controls to match the stick? (Like the A-10C HOTAS)
  11. I would think the devs would be looking at aggressor skins as we have the Nevada map and its basically made for red flag ops.
  12. Its always a joy to see any progress on this project. I hope ED approves of your license and gives you the green light. This would be a good step towards future DCS multi crew modules.
  13. We have been getting a lot more harrier tid bits and we should be close to an early access release right? ... right? ETA on release ? Nov, Dec? Ugh the twitching is back! withdrawal symptoms nooooo
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