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  1. Su-22/17M4 , Mig-25PDS , Su-30 , La7 , Yak-3 , F-104 , Mirage2000C-5
  2. great! but which model would be it? I think MLD/ML would be much better
  3. Russia : Mig-25PD, Mig-31, Su-22M3, Mig-23 others : JA37, F16, Ah-64, F-15E
  4. Mig31 and active radar homing R-33! lOl
  5. I shall take a photo with my spitfire to remember it, after, Start up! Fighting!
  6. At the 131 page of <DCS Mig21 . PDF> , it says : "When in automatic mode, the ASP will draw the pipper according to either Sapphire data (if the airborne/ground target is radar-locked), or pre-set distance, target size and angular corrections that enable optimal use of ASP sight." But it only works at A-G side in game
  7. I think it's not a good ideal when DCS have M2000 left before
  8. 虽然因为一些事情有段时间不能玩,但是给个赞!
  9. DCS:F5E? NO! It's DCS:Mig28! XD
  10. You are right , but I very love Mig23 XD -----Thanks PS: And waiting for Tomcat XD
  11. What's the next after AJS-37? F4E or Mig23? Thanks for answer
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