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  1. I already use OVGME for mod management. However, it was set up to use my main game dir on my e: drive for the few mods I use regularly. Of course santa would not work installed there. So, I created a second mods path for OVGME pointing to the dcs folder in the saved games folder on the C drive. Works fine now. So, can all of the mods be placed in the saved games dir, or do some still need to go to the main game directory?
  2. So my saved games folder does not have a mod folder. So do I create the folder structure and then place the mod directly into "user/name/saved games/dcs/mods/aircraft" or am I missing something? I only have a couple of DCS mods installed and they go into the main game directory. Thanks for your help.
  3. Installed with OVGME but get this error: The following DLCs are not authorized and will be disabled: santas_sleigh Wanted to show the grandkids...and myself!
  4. Okay, seems to be working again, at least for now. Visited twice and both times unread content was present.
  5. If the programmer of Smooth Track could port his program to run under Windows using the built in cam on your laptop, problem solved? Maybe. https://inflightassistant.com/smoothtrack/
  6. I recently had an issue with my T50 grip. Usually it was 2 to 3 days after my e-mails got sent before I received a reply. However, once I decided to send it in for repair it took a week or so before I got the invoice. On a happy note, DHL came to my house, picked up the box on a Friday, and it was at Virpil's doorstep on Monday. Took about a week for the repair to be completed and it's on it's way back to Virginia via FedEx.
  7. Bad/loose hub socket? A while back I would occasionally get the mysterious connect/disconnect sound. I traced it to a socket that wasn't tight. The least little movement of the plug would trigger the disconnect/connect sound.
  8. I've seen reports of this on other forums. Not specific to Saitek, I have the same issue with Virpil and VKB items I use. Thrustmaster has also come up from time to time. Seems to be related with the Windows 2004 update, at least that's when my problem started.
  9. Disable the Y axis and see if that fixes the upward movement. If it does, enable it again and you can then play with the dead space for the Y axis to find a setting that works for you. I keep the Y axis disabled as a personal choice.
  10. This hit the web on Saturday. This driver did fix the gsync issue with the new Samsung 27" monitor for me. https://nvidia.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/5046?linkId=100000013757276
  11. What driver version is the hotfix? Thank you.
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