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  1. Sure thing. So what he meant was not "realistic ASP AND CCIP", but "realistic ASP and NO CCIP". Got it?
  2. Some additional tests at Krymsk, Maykop and Mozdok: Krymsk, wind 220/3 --> RWY04 Krymsk, wind 220/4 --> RWY22 Maykop, wind 220/3 --> RWY04 Maykop, wind 220/4 --> RWY22 Mozdok, wind 080/3 --> RWY26 Mozdok, wind 080/4 --> RWY08 So it seems every airport has a main runway that is assigned by ATC regardless of wind direction up to 3 m/s. That means in certain wind situations you will always get a tailwind take-off and landing at 3 m/s or less. At 4 m/s the correct runway will be assigned. Krymsk_wind_runway_001.trk Krymsk_wind_runway_002.trk Maykop_wind_runway_001.trk Maykop_wind_runway_002.trk Mozdok_wind_runway_001.trk Mozdok_wind_runway_002.trk
  3. At Anapa it seems ATC always assigns runway 22 regardless of wind direction up to 3 m/s. At 4 m/s or higher, at respective wind direction, runway 04 will be assigned. Is that a bug or intentional? At Sochi the same issue appears, but like in real world here it makes sense due to the mountains at the end of runway 06, so even with a tailwind a takeoff in direction 24 is desireable. For Anapa however, I cannot see any particular reason why you would want to take off with a tailwind component. Even more so, a take-off on RWY22 means you take off towards the beaches and hotels, which most probably wouldn't be very desireable with regards to noise, and certainly would not justify a tailwind take-off, so I'd assume this is a bug. Tracks attached. Anapa_wind_runway_001.trk Anapa_wind_runway_002.trk Anapa_wind_runway_003.trk Anapa_wind_runway_004.trk Anapa_wind_runway_005.trk Anapa_wind_runway_006.trk
  4. Fantastic, thank you! It is a great map already, and it becomes even better.
  5. That's a real nuisance that drove me nearly mad when trying to design own missions for MP. I was cursing the Mi-8 ADF system and my own capabilities to operate it until I saw this thread. Did some more tests and can confirm Alpenwolfs findings. Thanks for adressing this, Alpenwolf. @Flappie or @BIGNEWY, please forward this to ED, it is rather important to fix this.
  6. I think the -bis was the best choice of all available variants to bring into DCS as a first MiG-21 - still a classic MiG-21, but capable enough for late Cold War, a good variety of a2a and a2g ordinance, sufficiently multi-role employable, and used by quite a lot of air forces around the globe. So before anything else a MiG-21bis 2.0 should be the primary goal to aim for. With the upcoming early F-4E I do see a reasonable demand for an earlier North Vietnam AF MiG-21 variant as an independent module though.
  7. There's never "too many" of those lovely GDR skins. Just a small detail for any future GDR skins: Can you make the pilot's flight suit in a grey-blue colour? This is what they looked like:
  8. I've tried various NDBs now on Caucasus, and while I still sometimes have a good signal strength but no morse code, this seems to be related to not having hit the right frequency perfectly well. It's odd that the signal strength is maxed out then though. On tracking Gaudata NDB though, I was able to track it well with the needle, tracks attached. Not sure what caused the problem you described. MiG-19_NDB_ADF_Gaudata.trk
  9. In general the virtual Mi-8 crew could provide more help. Most important would be calls from the gunners or the co-pilot regarding enemy fire, like incoming missiles or gun fire, also reports on enemy aircraft approaching, but calls like mentioned in OP would certainly be welcome.
  10. I've had similar issues, but I still haven't fully tracked them down. Sometimes I get a full signal strenght of an NDB, but no identifier/morse code, and thus no direction finding. Did you switch the RSIU-4V radio to "Radio Compass" (#2 in manual)?
  11. Knowing the mag var for a certain map/time frame is very important. I'd rather like to see this information on the F10 map, but on the kneeboard would be fine too.
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