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  1. keep at it. i fly with a T16000M with twist grip. no issues with the anti-torque functions after some practice.
  2. Apache Warrior popped up on Amazon Prime last night. Was pretty good!
  3. Didn't see this posted so thought i'd share. It's a great campaign. Fairly simple and straightforward. 20 missions I think and they are quick. Usually under 30 mins. Only issue is that it's in Spanish but I just go into the mission editor beforehand and use Google translate to change briefings and radio calls to English. Good for new pilots as the first missions don't really have much for air defense. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3321151/
  4. anyone have any issues with the Afghan Bear Trap Huey campaign? I get a warning when I unzip it that there is 'extra data' and when I run it there is errors, but it does give you a mission, however in DCS under the campaign screen, the actual campaign isn't there. Thanks for any info. I have many other DCE campaigns installed that work so it seems to just be this one. edit: ah. i see it's listed under older campaigns. that could be the issue then.
  5. excellent. i didn't even think to try and capture them. thanks!
  6. Thanks! Ya, I figured i'd be fine once i get some credits to do some SEAD. just was meaning the early part with 0 credits. I'll try again tonight! and ya, a lot of these missions just aren't designed for helo ops with the long distances. I've been enjoying the RotorOps mission generator as the ranges are much more helo friendly.
  7. How are you dealing with all the SAM sites? find there isn't much to hide behind.
  8. Hello. Looking forward to trying this. Curious what you mean by ending mission and resuming. What ends a stage? When you land back at base or are destroyed? Thanks!
  9. great news! question. how long should one allow before leaving the mission after units are destroyed? i notice sometimes I get shot down and leave the mission and some of the units i killed recently are still on the map the next time. thanks!!!
  10. i thought this was a persistent mission? destroyed units come back? did you edit your missionscripting file?
  11. Hi all. Was doing the Hornet over Caucasus and was assigned a SEAD mission with a 4 ship escort. The escort never took off. We were on mission schedule so didn't leave them behind I don't think. Ended up getting jumped by a bunch of Mig-29's. This happen to anyone else? Escorts don't show up? Thanks!
  12. How do you guys usually handle mission completion in big campaigns. was trying that campaign where you're the US trying to capture Cyprus from the Russians. 10+ packages planned by the AI. i flew my mission and made it back to the carrier, but 70% of the packages have yet to even get started yet. wondering if i should just leave the mission running for an hour or so to let them all finish?!
  13. you can't really. for now, just add some Mi-8's in and in the mission editor switch it to an Mi-24.
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