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  1. DNice


    You can use R-73's with this mod, on the 93.
  2. DNice


    Did some more testing, I run a very modded DCS, and when I turn off all mods, except this one, the keyboard config seems to reset to Su-25T for the mod, and hence BVR doesn't work. I'll do some more digging, and try and find what's missing or causing it.
  3. DNice


    Yes, it'd be a very nice texture indeed, even a 3D model of the cockpit, where the radar monitor would line up with that of the MiG-29 would be great. Now, if only I could 3d model and make textures :P.
  4. DNice


    Hmm, just tested and both modes are working fine for me, but then again, I run several mods. I'll see if it runs with some of my mods disabled. To change between AA and AG, you have to edit the first line in the entry.lua file from true for AA to false for AG. Do you have the MiG-21Bis module as well?
  5. If any are interested, I've finally gotten around to uploading my mod: http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=168006 Haven't played DCS for a while because I've been unhappy with some of their 'patches' and changes.
  6. DNice


    This is basically a modded MiG-21Bis with SFM and with a modern loadout (R-77 and 27s). Has an AA configuration where it uses MiG-29 cockpit and avionics, and Air-to-Ground config, which uses Su-25T avionics. Read the readme for info on how to do this. REQUIRED MODULES: Mig-21Bis Flaming Cliffs JSGME compatible Reuploaded with AA working. There seems to be some odd cross-dependency with a T-4 plane mod I had :/ MiG-21-93.rar
  7. I wish all of these videos were in 360 :P [ame= ] [/ame]
  8. Hard to stay behind the 'line', when it's constantly being changed and brought to you. Also, if you watch more in-depth coverage, many city districts and towns under rebel/terrorist/ISIS rule in Syria have become ghost cities, and practically fortresses for them.
  9. Great to hear :), once a dedicated server comes along, the MP scene should explode!
  10. One complaint I remember from Redfor last night, is that when Sukhumi switched, Blue were able to spawn F-15s right out of there, while Red were only able to get MiG-21 out??? Quite imba if Blue can spawn F-15s, while the closest bases Red could spawn Su-27s from was 200km away.
  11. - From a report about the Cope India 04 exercise. To be noted, they are speaking about the Mig-21 Bison, is there any info if anything aerodynamically was improved? Because videos I have seen of the MiG-21Bis do show quite a slow turning rate, but then again, I'm quite sure the ones I've watched, no one was pushing for any high G maneuvers in them.
  12. The TWS is amazing in the Su and especially the MiG, it's just unusable in most cases due to ECM.
  13. Touché :P Couldn't imagine implementing the workload of all those then, more than happy with what ED has modeled so far, goddamn thing seems like a supercomputer, but at the same time, in a simulator these things give a great advantage, without the RL counterpart cost, which is insane maintenance and a lot more systems that can fail.
  14. I really don't understand the need for the seemingly passive-aggressive reply here. I'm not contending that a 1980's plane should be superior to a 2000 upgrade, god forbid if it is. I just didn't understand the TWS resetting, and that as it stands with this, the F-15C has much better situational awareness, while as soon as the Su-27 STTs, it's open to being flanked, ironically. And this happens due to the fact that GCI isn't implemented in MP, and having developed for MP games in the past, I really don't see how a few radar updates could be so difficult to add to MP, unless they're waiting for overall improved netcode before implementing this, although I don't see it having a great bandwidth effect on the current netcode, it only gets incremental updates anyways. If GCI was properly implemented, there would really be nothing to complain about, in a 1v1 I find the Russian planes to be superior in the sim's current state, but when it comes to a fight involving more than 1 party, the Russians are automatically at a large disadvantage, which is quite unrealistic. And I have no idea how you can say the F-15C is only 20% modeled, are you talking about the flight model? Because look at every system it has implemented, TWS, multiple launch with TWS, AOJ, FLOOD mode, actual working ACS unlike the Su-27 which flies like a sailboat on the rough seas. Since you claim 80% of features are missing, I'm sure you can list 20 more features that are missing, from just some of the 20% modeled features I mentioned... They must be crazy to have developed the F-22 and even considered the F-35, when they have the invincible F-15 :music_whistling: Absolutely makes sense, thank you very much for properly explaining this, I just wanted clarification whether the RL counterparts react like those, or this was some bug in the game. If TWS breaks from jamming, then it should, and your 2nd statement absolutely makes sense as well, which is more of what I was expecting, that jamming is moreso relative rather than absolute, and that it wouldn't just automatically reset on any sort of jamming it comes to.
  15. Are the Russian TWS systems really that susceptible to ECM, that any sort of ECM renders them useless? From my brief research it seems that the Russian systems are the ones more-so concentrated on EW while the US prioritizes stealth tech. Since GCI doesn't work in MP, and TWS doesn't work under any sort of jamming, Russian planes are at a severe disadvantage when it comes to situational awareness, comparative to the F-15C.
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