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  1. Hi Will you sell the cougar tqs only I need some parts from it for mine?? Thank You, Thomas Ephraim
  2. When are we going to, be able to use the Model (AH-64).
  3. Hello, thrustvector; and rysullivan Thank You those locations for the profiles, their goods to start. I really appreciate it. You know i've been in DCS since 2016. But each time I would get frustrated and go back to BMS. This time I'm not going to stop. Thanks again. Titanium
  4. Well Thank You Sir for answering me. Yes (nobody) does bunch everybody so consider this an apology. I've been looking for a profile since or a direction to where they are. I've been trying to make my own since 2016. I was in BMS before that. Now 65 years old and disabled so my mine just can't seem to get the concept. Anyways while surfing I found them in user files . I'm going to try that.. So again Sorry for the BAD english. Sincerely, Titanium
  5. Malik Hi how are you? I'm suffering from the same thing as you and I was wondering if you have heard from anybody? I have been looking for some help on a profile or even where to start. But nobody here seems to want to help. In BMS you can find help everywhere, here nobody. Let me know if you find something. Titanium (559-877-7366)
  6. Hey everyone, I wondering if anyone has an f-18 profile that I could use for starters? In BMS there everywhere, but I can't find one. Looking for something basic where I can start. I'm 65 and disabled so I could really use some help. I have a thrustmaster w/both handles. I would really use the Help. This would be much appreciated. Thank You, Titanium
  7. Alsos, Thanks for the info. I've been flying the F-16 and F-18 so the f-14 is new to me anyways thanks again. I'll downloaded Chucks guide for the rest. Thanks, Rhino
  8. I haven't flown the F-14b much and I'm wondering how do you call up Jester? What I mean is what key binding up? Thanks , Rhino
  9. Hey Everyone, I'm going to try ad post this once again. I'm looking for a profile for the F-16C. I'm disabled and 65 years old and I have trouble searching for things when I'm trying to make a profile my mind just can't grab it. Is there anybody out there that can help me Please. All I need is a profile to get started and I can go from there. I've been in BMS for 5 years and get very confused with this "DCS". So if anyone has the time to send me one it would be so appreciated. Thank You, Titanium55
  10. X-52 profile Looking for a profile for a Regular X-52 been flying BMS. And I've Since now switched to Siatek X-52. So if anyone has a good profile, Please send a message if you would. Thanks, Rhino
  11. Thank You so much I've been looking for a profile for the x55 forever in DCS. I was about to throw in the towel and buy a Wart Hog. I've been trying to set-up BMS 4.33 and it is a pain. So I'm hoping DCS is a little easier.
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