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  1. Just wanted to add my +1 and say, please please let me make and use custom map files. Specify the resolution and graphic format, and let me fill a folder with image files that I can then flip through and use. This way I can have maps cut where it makes sense for the route, I can choose to have overlap between adjacent maps, and I can choose to mark up maps as I desire to indicate flight plan, or enemy concentrations, or whatever I choose. For bonus points, let me update this folder dynamically, so once I'm already playing I can swap in and out files as a mission changes.
  2. My experience has been that those random units are only triggered during transport tasks, not during assault tasks, no matter what you're flying.
  3. Any chance of making the Mi-24 eligible for transport missions? I tried to do it myself but adding them in in options.lua, but I'm obviously missing something. Thanks!
  4. I've noticed low apu pressure after repair and restart, though the engines still start.
  5. I'm seeing the same at the moment, can rearm the UH-1H fine, can rearm the MI-8 via loadouts fine, just can't rearm by station.
  6. Same problem, running with 40gig RAM, and SSD with very large page file. For what it's worth, before this, I had problems with each station having a smaller episode of lag when trying to change weapons. This one time stutter on entering rearm is tolerable, though it occasionally throws off the auto-start script for aircraft, and I can't help but wonder if it is related to the other mystery stutters I'm now seeing.
  7. That seems strange. Point tracking is a contrast lock, why would laser masking make a difference? And if the laser does matter, wouldn't I be unable to point track of my laser is off? I'd be happy to submit a track or some footage if I'm not being clear.
  8. Point track doesn't seem to work if the laser is masked, or if it does, it works under much more limited conditions. If you turn back towards the target, the moment the laser is unmasked, point track can grab on again. My experience has all been on the Syria map, just in case it's map dependent.
  9. I think it's built in to SRS since 1.9. It's called "re-transmission" or relay. I haven't toyed with it yet though, so YMMV.
  10. I get the same, in non-VR. Stutter also hits when changing loadouts in mission editor. It's been a thing for a few patches now.
  11. I came here looking for a thread just like this. Someone needs to nudge ED into making FARPs work as areas, rather than objects that aircraft need to be touching. HB seems like the best advocate for this since it's so central to the Viggen.
  12. The MOOSE stuff is pretty slick. It lets anyone call arty by placing map markers. It's also pretty easy to setup compared to the more complicated parts of MOOSE.
  13. On further troubleshooting, it looks like this only occurs when I try to write a profile to 'All'. Maybe there is a bad path defined for one of the module kneeboard locations?
  14. Was there ever a solution to the "value cannot be null" error? I see a few other people have experienced it when they try to change profiles. For what it's worth, I'm running in Admin mode, my DCS installation is in the standard location, and the config process has been done correctly as far as I can tell.
  15. Can't speak for EMC, but I'm getting the error when using the SRS specific launch button. Haven't tested launching in any other way yet.
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