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  1. I think it depends on how DCS Bios is reporting the controller position. I don't have any experience with DCS Bios. However, I can tell you that I have made a custom button box using Arduino and use RSMapper with the Thrustmaster Warthog and it doesn't have any issue detecting button/switch position.
  2. You need to be sure the same controllers are plugged in when launching a profile as when the profile was created. You can edit the .xml but it's a real pain in the rear.
  3. Have you unplugged ANY usb controller that was plugged in at the time you created that profile?
  4. Check the boxes "Repeat" and "Continuous"
  5. My pleasure! Thank you for the kind words! Some items are a little out of date. So if you run into any trouble, don't hesitate to reach out to me.
  6. Hey Avantar! Great to see you active again! So I just downloaded .52 and used a .51 file with the controllers assigned to that file UNplugged and it would still not let me open it. Any ideas?
  7. Hello Peeps! I have started working on the AV/8B Harrier as the next Flying with OverKill series. I hope you all enjoy!
  8. Few new vids for you guys! I hope you enjoy!
  9. The software will recognize and save any USB controllers currently plugged in at the time of launch. Also, if you get rid of/remove a device, you will need to edit the saved profile using Notepad++ or something that can open XML (regular notepad will work it's just easier to read with NP++) and remove the 'removed' device from the xml and it will load properly.
  10. Radar TWS RWS with AMRAAM employment is now posted! I hope you all enjoy and find these useful.
  11. It's soooo easy to do with this simulator though. I think that is really awesome! I love hearing all the different ways creators use the Mission Editor for DCS. Really awesome! I'd love a copy of yours if you're willing! Sounds awesome!
  12. Awesome! Thank you! I did also finally remember to add it to the video description lol.
  13. Hey Guys! Just adding to the Feature Request here for the ME 1. Ships - Command 'Set Waypoint' 2. Ships given an 'Orbit' Task (or the above would solve this as well.) 3. Reactivate a deactivated group - This would save a ton of time 4. Unit specific type In Zone. (Hornet, Huey, etc) This was mentioned above. Just agreeing with it :) 5. Part of Group or Part of Coalition in Moving Zone Thanks for all that you guys and gals do!!
  14. Definitely! Especially now that you found an easy way to duplicate the profile commands lol!! I'm seriously stoked about that lol. It was just an idea that came to mind so I figure I would at least mention it :)
  15. Hey Guys! Here's a link to all my playlists so far! I hope you guys and gals find something useful here! https://www.youtube.com/c/OverKillSims/playlists
  16. Awesome find!!! I was curious about that just this afternoon!!! Great Job!! @Avantar - You've really made an awesome utility here Sir!! Keep it up!
  17. Creating/Editing Waypoints, Waypoint Navigation, and Autopilot added
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