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  1. same for me, updated to 2.1...but Normandy doesn't show up in the module manager as being available. Interestingly it shows up along the bottom (as a tile) along with the other modules, giving me the option to 'buy' it (again!)
  2. Assigning controls.... When editing/mapping buttons in the main menu and pressing ok crashes the program. Same issue as the M2000C. Work around is to launch mission and edit assignments from the ESC menu. Don't know whether it's just me or whether others have this issue. As I say I have the same issue with M2000C.
  3. Thanks for all of the replies. Issue seems to have been solved when I cranked up the graphics card and fiddled around with some settings (although I'm sure I've ended up back on the original settings). I think some of the issue was me thinking I was lower than I was (maybe because texture detail wasn't sufficiently good/high). But it definitely was not all perception, there was some issue there.
  4. I used it, very smooth with it on, makes me sick when its turned off. I know its on because the FPS locks at 45fps and its nice and smooth. When I turn it off the FPS fluctuates around 60fps and is not smooth at all. Maybe I could make it smoother if I turned some settings down but having it on allows me to keep the settings up.
  5. ...I've noticed that the M2000 performance is quite a bit different in 1.5.5 to 2.0, particularly how the jet loses energy (either in turn, or with airbrakes extended in level flight). Even when I account for density altitude and other factors that might affect performance, pretty sure there are fairly significant differences. cthulhu68's post makes sense based on what I'm seeing in sim. Great module, enjoying it a lot.
  6. I don't think its possible to run DCS in VR at max settings, but then I don't think you need to in order to get a 'blow your socks off' VR experience. I can maintain a constant 45fps (ASW on) in DCS 2.0 and everything is very smooth and fluid. The 'best' way I have found to force my framerate down is to fly at 600kts at 100ft down the strip in Las Vegas looking out the side (i.e. as many 3D objects in field of view) and I get about 30fps (though does 'spike' between 26 and 45). This latter test is only to force the lowest possible framerate. In reality flying over Vegas isn't an issue; take-off and landing at McCarren get 45fps. I'm going to stop looking at the framerate counter from now on and enjoy the immersion! Life is too short.
  7. Okay great, thanks very muck for the replies.
  8. Hi, New to DCS so apologies for what may be an obvious question, but I bought the M2000C a couple of days ago and assumed it was the latest (early release) version? However reading the other thread about aerodynamic performance I noticed that people were saying that inaccurate 'ability to supercruise' was addressed in an update. Testing just now I found I was bombing along at M1.03 at FL300 sipping fuel on about 90% (no AB). Running in 2.0/NTTR if it makes a difference? So I assume I need to update? How do I do this? CH P.S. The M2000C cockpit is utterly amazing in VR! Thanks RAZBAM.
  9. Is it possible to set up a default flight with specific parameters? Basically I want to set up a specific a/c in a specific state (cold/dark) at a specific airport at a specific time with specific weather. Assuming this is something that will become clearer when I get into the Mission Planner?
  10. Not sure whether I have pressed something but now (in last couple of flights) when looking 90 degrees out the side it looks like I'm going about 1/4 of the actual speed. Flying along at 400 kts looks like I'm barely moving. Says I have a steady 45fps (according to EVGA precision - cant get the built in counter to work)? Any ideas?
  11. Hi, Had my first Rift experience this morning...amazing! Is there a way for DCS to launch normally (using the monitor) and only going into VR when flying? I find it easier to navigate the menus and change settings using the monitor. Thanks,
  12. Guten tag BitMaster, Thanks for the advice. Yes I think I will do as you suggest, I have been slowly mapping the buttons within DCS. Slow but it does enable a building block approach to learning the systems of the aircraft. Yes, looking forward to getting a faster connection. My update did finish last night, and this morning I had my first experience of the Rift.... ...words can not describe! A few setup niggles to negotiate, but very pleased with it. Cheers, CH
  13. Just received my new computer, built just to run DCS (don't tell Mrs CR4ZYHOR5E, I told her it was for her home office, though I think my cover was blown when the Warthog turned up)... i7 6700k, GTX1080, 32Gb DDR4 @ 3400Mhz, M2 SSD for OS, SSD for DCS, TM Warthog, Rift CV1. Got it on Tues, and am still trying to set everything up (struggling with TM profiles - don't really understand where to put LUA(?) files). Have spent the last 36 hours downloading NTTR at 260kbs! So I changed my provider to Fibre optic broadband yesterday - but wont get it for another couple of weeks, so need to struggle on with this for a while longer. By the middle of January I think I may be there.
  14. Sorry, must have missed it, where is the HELP section? Have downloaded the setup.exe but cant see the instructions? EDIT: Disregard, can see the HELP is within the program itself.
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