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  1. Its still misleading. A 10$ bonus is not really worth 10$ when its use is narrowed down to exactly when ED wants it and when the customer has no use for it. ED sucks at this customer relations stuff.
  2. Why cant the bonus be used on the spitfire pre-purchase? I have 12$ bonus, the spitfire comes at a 40$ pre-purchase and the shop says no bonus can be applied. This is idiotic. Don't call it a bonus as this crap is highly misleading.
  3. DCS was the first flight sim game for me that was fun, because it was not just about flying but about a full 3d cockpit with clickable stuff.
  4. I think there is a pretty large segment of the customerbase that are not flight sim fans. What? You might say. I don't even like flight sims. However I still own almost every module except for the Hawk, CC101 because they are substandard products. And I am still very sorry about the halfbaked Mirage I bought. I even bought the Albatros, and all ww2 planes. Why? Not because I like flightsims. Because I like playing with a complex machine. And that is why DCS provides. A highly interactive game where you get to handle a complex aircraft. And if one breaks down each dcs module to the level of cockpit complexity or clickable switches, then the Mi8, Mig21, and the Viggen are very fun to play. Because of the complexity it provides. The ww2 planes however are all the same unless you want to geek out on aerodynamics. And for the non-flight-sim customer, a viggen next to a spitfire will make the spitfire look very boring, simply for the lack of stuff to click.
  5. Well, If the customer can shoose between a rickety flimsy ww2 prop plane and a modern jets with 2 different shiny systems in the cockpit, for the same price, then the Spitfire is going to lose out. And ED gets 100% of the spitfire cut, while they only get 60% from the viggen (guess). So yes I am 100% sure the Viggen will not be out before the year ends.
  6. That sounds good. Also: I think this might mean they will release this before the year ends. However I don't think ED would want it to get in the way of the spitfire sales.
  7. Here is the thing. LN did not show that thing off in the trailer. So it won't be working when the module is first out.
  8. Why did you delete my whole post? Half of it was about the Harrier. My point still stands, that cockpit is a low-poly mess not worthy of the DCS standard or its price tag.
  9. If they sell something for 60$ they got to deliver something far better
  10. That is not good enough. Substandard compared to fully priced ED products. Look at the canopy parts. I can count the polies on the cylinder. this has to be WAY rounder. Look at the F86 for example how it is done correctly.f
  11. So, it says 28:11:00 Which is 5 weeks away. I still do not believe that they will release it just like that. There would be first sneak peeks and interviews on flight sim sites weeks and months ahead to boost PR. Them silently releasing it like that on that day, only visible to a few people reading a forum would be bad marketing. My guess, either nothing, or they will just "reveal" the viggen with a distant pre-order date in 2017
  12. Cobra also said there would be 3 modules in 2016.
  13. I don't think that is the case. Did cobra say something about a real release date?
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