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  1. Shame that these people are supposed to represent China in the DCS community. You tarnish the name and reputation of your fellow contrymen, because, lets face it, in light of this there is going to be tremendous prejudice against Chinese nationals in DCS. If i get shot down in DDCS or Blueflag now by a Chinese national, will i then think that he is using Cheat engine to give himself more fuel? More speed or missiles? Or even turning labels on locally? Shame
  2. Is there still issues with the BK-90 in multiplayer or is it working as intended?
  3. Being a part of the mailing list for seeding the DCS updates gives you access to all the torrent files. It is possible to extract this from your local files, somehow, but i am not familiar with the process.
  4. Seeding at 55 MB/s now. Is there any limits in the tracker? The data is downloaded to NVME and the server has a 10gbit connection. Should be able to seed more as long as the tracker allows for it.
  5. c0ff. Do you still update the mailing list? I am ready to seed today's update, however, i have not received any new torrents for quite some while.
  6. Cant wait! The RIO menu should be transparent to make it so that you can still see a little while flying!
  7. Yeah, i had a tough one trying to find server hardware that had CPU's that would fit in enterprise motherboards but still had integrated grahics. Because remember, intel is garbage. Because you have to have a CPU that fit in the same socket as the mobo, but then even if the socket is the same the chipset is not. Well ok, so we buy one of the few Xeon E3v4 that have integrated graphics to fit into our mobo, well, guess what? The mobo has a graphics chip too that cannot be dissabled and because the chipset sees it as a third party grahics chip it will always use that because its "more powerful" (its not). In the end using workstation hardware in a rack mount chassis the the best way to go about this, however, because its workstation hardware you have to use workstation coolers that dont fit in your standard 1 or 2u servers so now you have to forfit 3 other customers in your rack because you need a 3 or 4u server. If you rent out servers for 150 bucks a month per unit then your loose 450 bucks a month on a DCS server from a company perspective.
  8. Yeah, the problem is usually that you requite a GPU that supports DX and 3D acceleration. Most chips that are in high end server are in fact only made to do simple 2D displaying of graphics.
  9. Thats completely untrue. As you may or may not know i help setup the hardware that blueflag is currently running on and as long as the server has more than around 43-45 players you will have a hard time joining the server. To put it into perspective, when i was at my office i had two (2) routed hops and probably 5-6 switches between me and the server, at 44 players i was unable to join. Ware talking SUB 1ms latency as a packetloss off less than 1:1 000 000. Even when i am at home with 9ms latency (all wired btw) i have issues. Building game netcode that only work at sub 10 player in a prestine LAN, <1ms conditions is simply not acceptable. A 100 player server with houndreds of groundtargets running in the wild is the only thing that is acceptable.
  10. Docker is a bad abstraction of LXC favored by people that dont do systemadministration on a large scale i.e software developers. There are plenty of good abstractions of LXC out there, like LXD. OpenVZ is also another good peice of container software. Yeah, docker is favoured by programmers that dont know how to sysadmin pretty much.
  11. Docker is pretty bad software. Would not use. New torrent files are generated every update anyway. There is an email list you have to sign up for.
  12. Just a little status update on how much data is needed for DCS updates. This has now been running for the last half a month and based up the seeded date you see here you really get grips on how much data is needed for content delivery. Here you can see the list of torrents in Tixati, just about the only client that can handle the bandwith and amount of torrents. Here is the constant output of data that is being seeded. As you can see its a constant 15-20 Megabytes a second which is around 120 megabits a second. The monthly graph puts it even more into perspective. The server is on a 10 gig connection in Norway. For updates to the platform i would like to run it closer to the HW itself by using a container over a VM. The only issue is to found a CLI based torrent client that i like and that can handle the amount of torrents. IMHO it would be better if ED had all fewer torrents and just a big torrent file over the system used today. Torrents are fragmented into parts anyway so i dont think it would matter TOO much. However i dont know all the details.
  13. Multiplayer performance and netcode, datacartridge support on the hornet, Missile guidance logic, fragmentation damage both a2a and a2g.
  14. Its "LGBTQIAPK" now, you bigot! -- No for real tho. Noone cares what sex you are in DCS. Just fly, have fun, if you go around thinking that "everyones cares that i am a woman" then you are going to be the only one who gives a shit and every smart comment on how you got owned in a maneuver kill or something like that is going to end on getting called misogyny. Yeah, pretty much a non issue, the DCS is male dominated, sure, but thats because men likes fighterjets. And thats what we care about when playing this game, jets, and pretty much nothing else.
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