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  1. Nobody knows why speaker's ID (Tail number) and recipient are not recognized using VSPX.
  2. I had similar problems. Using the RESET function solved the problems for me.
  3. Try the RESET key as Silversmith mentioned. Had the same problems and worked for me.
  4. I am not sure how the suppress Auto function for realistic ATC should work properly using VSPX speech engine. + in EX menu it is possible to active Suppress Auto. So no automatic transmissions are created from dcs + The player is now able to transmit all terms (Tail number, fuel state, etc.) via spoken commands. For proper recognition within dcs carrier communication process the phrases need to be spoken exactly as the automatic generated before?! +But using VSPX the speaker's ID (Tail number) or recipient is not recognized So is it possible to use suppress Auto function together with VSPX speech engine? Why aren't speaker's ID and recipient are not recognized when VSPX speech engine?
  5. You can move the current overlay also in VR using drag and drop on the text.
  6. That's absolutely right. The whole scene is essential to get a solid relative position to the tanker. But to find that exact position for contact is my problem. I am unable to read especially the right indicator for the longitudinal position in VR. So for training purpose a optional indicator could be helpful. When moveable you should also get it in the direct field of view.
  7. As the title says, may it be possible to get a similar indicator overlay for refueling the viper as the approach indicator of the super carrier is. Especially as VR User with a Rift I am unable to read die symbols shown on the bottom of the tanker. Maybe enable/disenable at settings for the aircraft.
  8. @Hollywood Thanks. Worked perfect. Thank you for the great tool.
  9. I'm trying to get the JTAC Commands to work with the F18. The main problem is that the commands "checking in" and "check in" are not included in the command list. I'm able to add the command in the VA Profile but did not get it within the VAICOM Control Panel (Keyword List). Is there a way to add commands for the Keyword list manually? Thanks
  10. Hi, due to some troubles with dcs i lost my logbook completely. I did a restore from my 2.2 log without the progress of the BFTQ Camp. From my progress the next PO is the aerobatic mission. I found your reference for restoring the camp. progress but cant figured that out correctly. So do i need entries for every single passed PO? How do that effect to the numbers in the log? Is it possible to provide the log entries for progress passed all POs up to BFT6? Can you please help me. Thanks Tom
  11. I did an downgrading to the released launch version of Beta 2.5. So everything works fine. After installation of Fix 1 no response on the radios. I did Maple Flags BTQ Campaign and startup according to the checklist. So startup request comes after running APU und APU Gen.
  12. Same here after the last update 2.5 Fix 1. Problem is that also the radio communication didn't work with Comm Menus. E.G. ATC for Batumi set to 131.00. No ATC Callback neither via VIACOM nor via Comm Menus. Have somebody same problems?
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