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  1. The fact that my only quibble so far is the spelling says quite a lot about how much I've enjoyed it so far.
  2. I wouldn't worry too much about this as it comes across more as 'I can't do it' rather than 'It's not very good'. It is great that you are open to constructive criticism as that will hopefully improve this and any subsequent products from yourselves. I have only played the first mission and I absolutely loved it. The 15 minute wait at the start of a 90 minute mission was not a problem for me at all, I felt it pulled me into the world/scenario very well, more so than perhaps just jumping in and taking off. Obviously everyone is entitled to their opinion but that doesn't make your choices good/bad. Please continue to make the missions for yourselves as there is no way you're going to please everybody. My constructive criticism would be that there are too many spelling errors. Some of them are quite amusing but it does detract slightly from an immersion point of view. I'm sure plenty of people on here would be happy to proof read for you :thumbup:
  3. More Admiral Benson. "Didn't realise you were with us?" "I'm with you old boy, but I've left my stomach behind"
  4. Nail and head. The new contract was their fault, not ED's. Adding the bit about the future investment is also exactly why they were so maligned on these forums, always promising bigger and better things but never delivering on the simplest of their goals. VEAO's dishonesty with the community was their biggest downfall. If they owned up to their struggles, people would have been more sympathetic to their cause, they also might have been less likely to invest in their future projects such as the P-40. I own the Hawk but only flew it once. I remember flying it into the ground at about 500kts and just bouncing straight back up as if nothing had happened. I never flew it again, it was by DCS standards, a bit rubbish. DCS will continue to grow, as will the competent 3rd party developers and we will all be better off without VEAO in the ecosystem.
  5. People do realise that it is not compulsory to buy the module before release, right? So much entitlement in this thread, just relax and wait for March 20th. :doh:
  6. I don't really understand this whole advanced warning of release talk. We already have a date, granted its a latest possible date, and we are all able to pre-purchase at a discounted price. Why do we need another date? Its a very kind gesture from HB to offer advanced warning but its definitely not something we should expect. Not having a go at anyone, just adding to the discussion. My entry to the pant-wetting release announcement sweepstake is 2 weeks notice of release in today's newsletter for a Friday 15th Feb release. Don't let me down HB!!:joystick:
  7. Not enough eye rolling and head shaking in the world.....:doh: Sorry to hear that the trolls got stuck in. Take comfort in the fact that you got to actually fly Hornets off the deck of a carrier whilst they can only take comfort in flying their almighty keyboards. Really loved the videos I got to watch, little bit annoyed about the ones that were on my watch later list. All the best and thanks for the insight that you provided into a life most of us will never experience. :thumbup:
  8. I too am learning the Hawg. I fly some week nights and Sunday evenings, UK based.
  9. Looks like you've got the bug alright..... .....amiright lads........lads?
  10. Thanks. Would you also happen to know exactly when it'll be released?
  11. Does anyone know if I'll need the Open Beta for this?
  12. Had my first quick trip on this map in VR and it is amazing. It looks incredible and plays really well too. I was particularly impressed with the undulating runway. :thumbup:
  13. And yet these people still play in VR? They must have serious issues, they definitely can't be enjoying the experience. Any serious upgrades to an already impressive piece of kit can only be a good thing.
  14. Looking forward to this so much it hurts sometimes, drooling over every little bit of information that is sent our way. However, I am happy to wait until HB think it is ready for me. The wait gets harder and harder the nearer we get to its release but I have full confidence that HB will do the big cat justice and all the pain will be forgotten once they deem us to be worthy. Thank you HB for bringing the virtual cat to life, your work is truly appreciated. Now cough up the goods and get to work on the Tornado, there's a good little dev studio.:thumbup:
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