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  1. I'm with you , Mace. I'm always hesitant to put in a bug report, wondering if I'm doing something wrong!
  2. Thanks for the replies... Here is what I'm still seeing, again in the Nevada Live Fire. When I spawn with hot start. I'm seeing what Nineline is seeing. The radar alt. works but I can't "Fill the donut". However, when I do the auto shut-down, then a manual start, not only can't I fill the donut but the radar altimeter does not function. The interesting thing is that all of this started the first time I did that auto shut down before the first post.
  3. Update/Notes: 1)In the first IA I had done the auto stop procedure in order to practice a cold start. 2) I then tested my procedure by doing the Nevada cold start Ist.Act. The radar alt. turned on normally 3)I then went back into the Live fire IA, did not do the auto stop, and noticed that although I couldn't "fill the donut" the radar alt. did work.
  4. I don't know if this is a bug or not... I just did the Nevada Live Fire Instant action and I couldn't get the radar alt. to turn on. I did the button sequence a/c>flt> set but the "donut wouldn't fill" on the RA button. Previously it had been turning on.
  5. Before I delve too deeply and bork something, I'd appreciate a double-check... 1) I downloaded quaggles , and put the extracted Input Injector folder into x/users/me/saved games/DCSopenbata 2) Then went to https://github.com/Munkwolf/dcs-community-keybinds and found dcs-community-keybinds/InputCommands/FA-18C/Input/FA-18C/joystick/default.lua . Besides the fact I have no idea how to download this( I'm new to Github), the question for the Group here is what do I do with it? I've read some readme's that indicate they go into Saved Games, but I haven't seen where in there to put them. 3) After that, then what? BTW, pardon the bold type
  6. Thanks, Bailey. Are there similar files for the Hornet?
  7. Is there a way to make "release" commands. What I mean is, for example, you want to map landing gear to a 2 position switch on a Warthog throttle base. It's easy to map gear up. How do you map gear down?
  8. Please excuse what may be FNG questions on 2 projects... 1)Are there Pilot/CPG skins available for the Apache? I didn't find anything in a Forum search. 2) The next question goes beyond the Apache. Is there a way to make "release" commands. What I mean is, for example, you want to map landing gear to a 2 position switch on a Warthog throttle base. It's easy to map gear up. How do you map gear down?
  9. Unfortunately, yes. The main problem I had was a lack of sufficient HDD space to simply transfer everything. I simply ran out of space. Fortunately , DCS let me re-download and install what I couldn't transfer, after I had deleted DCS stable to make the room for it. I leave it to you if you want to explain how to convert to anyone who would definitely benefit from said info. Meanwhile, for those of us doing on-the job training... I was able to restore the control bindings from Config in the Saved Games/DCS folder. Getting back to the original project(downloading skins) , regarding your path /Saved Games/DCS.openbeta/Liveries/AH-64D_BLK_II , do you mean xdrive/users/my name/... ? I ask because the Saved Games/open beta path doesn't have a Livery folder.. Plus, the folders I created X:\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\CoreMods\aircraft\AH-64D\Liveries\AH-64D_BLK_II.(see post 1) are still there, but the skin does not some up in-game
  10. Update: While Beta continues to download I've been educating myself on the whole Beta vs. stable thing. I think I know how to delete the stable version. Based on what I've read, I've backed up my Saved Games folder(just in case). I'm going to test fly Beta before I delete the stable( I have just enough HDD space to have beta and stable). I'm hoping I won't have to redo HOTAS setups in Beta !
  11. I've been afk for a couple of days, now back on the project. I tried just switching the modules but kept running into "not enough storage". So, I skipped that step and now Beta is currently downloading what looks like all the files. Assuming everything works, then what is the best way to delete/uninstall regular DCS World? Thx for all the help
  12. GR, thanks for the reply. I did not have the open beta, just the regular non-Steam DCS World. I'm downloading the Beta now. This Beta concept is new to me. It looks like it's copying the files from my regular DCS World. Duplicating it, from the looks of the HDD space it's taking. Is this the case, and if so do I delete the original DCS World when done?
  13. I wasn't saying they were. The Op asked why the weapons weren't firing, And what I've listed is what I've seen. Your auto consent issue is interesting, though.
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