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  1. Ok, thanks you for the vid,, and comments! I will put this into practice and see how it turns out. Thanks again
  2. @Recluse Thanks for the vid,, I really coudnt make anything out, but I very much appreciated the effort! @Raptor9 Thanks for the clarification,, understood. That certainly clears this up for me it seems.
  3. im gonna wait to see this in a video, but I just want to be a little clearer, Im not just looking to change the laser code to match JTAC and then just fire off a Hellfire and hope it goes to target, I want to be able to pick up the target from and aquire it so I can identify from the back seat before firing. Hope Im making sense
  4. Cant run that Track File, it says null
  5. Good to know,,, Also, I have been Google searching DCS Apache Laser Spot Search in different variations since yesterday, I found quite a bit, but nothing relative to my point. I would be grateful if you linked me to those threads.
  6. I dont think I really know either, I know what im trying to achieve (if doable). I just want to be able to go in and attack on JTAC laser from the back seat in Multiplayer. I know I have to set codes, but how to do it from the back seat left me scratching my head. I havnt tried it from the front seat because I havnt been flying in mutliplayer as a CPG, but I know the front seat has a button for "LST", which I presume he could search for the JTAC lazer within his field of view (or regard?). If I can get George to find the JTAC lazer, and he can get it up on the TADS so I can see it from the back seat, that would be great. @Recluse Yes, I was watching Casmos tutorial and saw that "Poor man's Laser Spot Tracker". I believe that was from the front seat tho yes?
  7. If I am in Multiplayer, and in the Pilot seat, and George is in Front seat. Can I target JTAC lazed targets? Thanks,
  8. I found it to work very good! I did trim 1st. Just gotta manually maintain altitude and your all set. Sure makes life easier when your heads down on the VID screen making sure George isnt targeting a friendly.
  9. Good news! Looking forward to checking it out myself tonight.
  10. Yeah, now that you mention it, I do remember seeing a tutorial about how to ADD them,,, thanks for the reminder. This is just AWSUM by the way!
  11. I made 5 waypoints in NAV phase, they show up on the map. but they dont show up in the right side list? Any idea why? Thanks, null
  12. Fakum

    Target Save

    ok, was just checking to make sure u were slaving appropriately,,, good luck!
  13. Fakum

    Target Save

    You have been saving the targets? Have you set to "ATK" mode when you stored the target and then slaving to the target marked e.g. T01 or T02 etc? Just curious
  14. I am pleading ignorance then! I would assume then I should be seeing black and white instead then?
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