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  1. @EightyDuce thanks for that helpful feedback! I was beating myself up trying to understand why I couldn't get any performance/score increases after all of those hours and testing manipulating BIOS settings. @ThinderThank you as well sir for your feedback. Its time to move on now to fiddling with DCS Graphics settings. Many thanks guys
  2. @kerlcat Wow, not really what I expected for an response LOL, Seems like alot of wasted BIOS settings for cranking it up if your not really going to be able to do anything more with the CPU then what comes out of the box. I mean, outside of manually cranking up the cores of course. Well, my test results support your statement though. Anywho, so you set your EXPO, then you set PBO, now PBO by default is AUTO, so do you ENABLE it or do you set it for ENHANCED and tweek anything else? Thanks,
  3. So I have been reading and watching Utube Vids all week to learn how to overclock automatically in the BIOS. I have found alot of settings that dont match up to what I have available because they are outdated or whatever etc and read up on this stuff and experimented. Basically, I started out with default settings and started making changes to BIOS 1 step at a time. For Benchmarks, I run Cinebench, Heaven, and 2 DCS Torture tests (With Cap Frame X). I made a spread sheet to log scores/max fps. avg fps, some voltages and temps etc. Started with setting EXPO 1, then EXPO 2, them moved on to setting PBO to AUTO, then Enhanced mode, then setting curve optimizer to neg (Auto) (ALL CORES) etc. The short version of all of this is, there is basically ZERO changes to scores/FPS/Temps etc,,, all of those tweeks sum up to the same as default basically? How can that be? I know this really isnt the thread to resolve, maybe a few tips are available, but I found that posting on the ASUS forums dont yield alot of responses. Can anyone recommend a good place to run this through? I was NOT intending to try and setup every single core to overclock. I would be happy to get some more horsepower with just some switch flipping in the BIOS. Thanks for any tips.
  4. Any feedback on this would be greatly appreciated, Im not moving forward until Im clear as to which of these 3 I should change, especially with current matters, I dont want to make a mistake and cook something. Thanks,
  5. @HoirtelIm running BIOS 1602 that came out on 5-4-23, which is the latest for me
  6. I still basically have BIOS at default settings. I ran benchmarks for Cinebench, Heaven and DCS Torture test, then I set BIOS to EXPO 1, ran tests, then EXPO 2. if an7ything, there was very slight degradation with each change. I havnt done anything with Overclocking. Im not going to start putting the hours in to do all of that right now. My intent was to simply set the BIOS to do something to take advantage of the horsepower on its own. I see mentions of turning PBO on, and walking away. I have also seen some comments relative to this that indicate that in doing so, it cranks up the CPU voltage most of the time, perhaps a bit unhealthy? I am willing to flip a switch and check it out. I ran into some confusion though, there seems to be at least 3 switches in the BIOS that could be fiddle with and Im not sure which one I should be toying with. And the explanations I have found in my search are a bit convoluted. Can someone please give me some advise in this area? Thank you. null null
  7. Yeah, Im not to thrilled with current events, I did alot of research for a couple of months and was initially committed to Intel, but after alot of discussion, the swaying factor was price and performance and HEAT! I havnt done any overclocking at all, nor have I set Expo. I just started doing some benchmarking last night with Cinebench, Heaven and Plazma Torture Test to get a baseline before I decide to make any adjustments. I have run DCS a few times and like I said in an earlier statement, i just cranked up all of the DCS settings just to see what this thing would do stock, and I am just so happy with the difference at stock. I was struggling with my older rig with MT. I dont know where this is all going, but I really dont want to have to think about trying to send back the CPU & MOBO to switch to Intel, way to much effort has gone into this build. I am very satissfied with what I have BUT, I want to dabble in VR by end of year, i dont know if these problems will hinder that? 1st Torture test I did last night. null
  8. Thanks, got the CapFrameX software installed and gave it a test run, many thanks
  9. @Jive_68LOL! So Plazma is a person, I had no indication of that when I searched today, all I got was basically Videos with different files attached for testing. Thank you so much for the explanations. I know have a clearer understanding sir. The only thing I would like to clarify is the "You will also have to update the frame cap to 400" Thats is done within CapFrameX then correct? Many thanks again.
  10. @Th3ChosenOn3Ok, I really and truly appreciate the feedback, but some of this stuff I simply have no familiarity with. And I dont want to derail this thread by going down the rabbit hole further. As I said earlier, I had/have no idea what "Plazma Torture Test" was/is? Again, I assumed it was Benchmark software, then I came to understand that it seemed not to be, and it was basically someone making a DCS Trackfile and sharing it so others can play it back as and use it as a tool to Benchmark performance. Now, reading what you stated above "For testing CPU performance, we ran Plazma's torture map" I read that as something other than a DCS Track File? Then you state "You can also test GPU performance on Plazma's" I will ask the dumb question, what does that mean? Plazmas Web Site, Plazmas Software, Plazma TV's? I also presume when you say "You will also have to update the frame cap to 400". Are you referring to the "MAX_FPS" settings needs to be set to 400?(If so, I am familiar with doing that.
  11. @SilentSierraThank you sir! I have been scrolling through all pages, so far I found 2 track files on page 5. I will check out what you posted. Thanks EDIT: Ah, ok. I watched that vid earlier before I posted. Thats when I was searching for how these files were made to be called "Plazma Torture Test". I still dont know but I will download that Track and see what I can learn. Thanks
  12. Ahh,, ok,,, so just find it and run it? I presume I can run it at my resolution of (3840 x 1600)?
  13. @Jive_68 I am trying to figure out what this " plazma torture map" is? I presumed it to be some sort of benchmarking software so I searched for info. Basically the only thing I have come across are some uTube vids that show guys running some tests in some different games. I have seen 2 that show them using DCS. Can you point me in the direction that I can get some info about this so i can educate myself? I would rather use DCS as a benchmarking tool than Heaven or Cinebench exclusively. Thanks
  14. @kerlcat Did you make any changes in the BIOS for EXPO or AMD overclocking? I built my rig last week and I havnt had time to even start messing with the Bios to set EXPO or anything else yet. I did run a quick mission for DCS with all setting to MAX just for an observation and I was amazed at the frame rates over 120 and no stuttering, My intent was to install some free benchmark software and test at these default BIOS settings to get a baseline, but havnt done so yet.
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