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  1. I have been annoyed by this as well! Thanks for posting up on it.
  2. I 2nd that, yes, plz fix as a priority!
  3. Same for me. Virpil CM3 throttle as well
  4. Ok, so if I understand you correctly, no matter what, I still have to manually add them to the list, once that is done, they stay on the list and i can come back later to that list and they will be there and I will be able to cycle through them. Correct?
  5. Thanks for the response. I did figure that out previously, but that is alot of buttons to mash if you want to cycle through targets quickly. I know when in prepoint mode on the MMS and you hit R2 for PPT, that box pops up with the last target point in the "M" line, but the lines above (1 thru 5) are empty. How can you get those other targets to be entered in those slots? It is much easier once those would be entered in those box lines to cycle through those targets if that data was entered there as all you need to do is keep hitting the PPT button to cycle through them.
  6. For example, I have made (3) Target points via MMS / Target designate / Store. I am trying to find the way to make them prepoint. I have watched Casmo’s MMS & Navigation Vids a few times over. I see where it can be done by entering the coordinates manually, but why do you have to do that when you already have it stored? I presume there is a way. I went through the manual, especially the “How Too” section in the end, but didn’t get anything out of it. null
  7. Voice attack will be very useful to take some of these needs off the button plate
  8. Thanks for the feedback sir! Very much appreciated!
  9. @NeedzWD40, this is part of what info I was trying to track down yesterday. So if I understand you correctly, the BMP's and Russian Tanks all fire LOS (optically guided) missiles? So dumping Chaff and Flares is useless, correct? That is the meat of what I am trying to get a grasp of. (Manpads = infrared Missile, so use Flares).
  10. Thanks for the response, I was on wiki before I posted up, looking up armament etc,,, wasnt really getting what I needed/wanted out of it, along with other searches. I want to also understand the methods in which they each are "guiding" the missile. I typically heed a warning and take evasive action along with a pop of Flare and Chaff out of reaction, but I want to understand a bit better so I dont waste either if I dont have to.
  11. While flying the Apache a lot, I often get close to the AO that has a lot of different enemy vehicles/troops, and I often get calls “Laser Ranging-12 O’Clock” I find that these are typically an enemy Tank. What I have been searching for is, to be more definitive, which specific Tanks have the capability to Lase me and fire a missile? Additionally, what else besides the Tanks can I possibly get a call for that can Lase me and fire a missile? I suspect that there isn’t a tremendous amount? Thanks,
  12. I did, but I didnt save a track,
  13. I dont have anything to add to this at this time but i will say that I have been following this myself. Reason being, I have found myself is situations where George wont fire, even with clear line of sight, no YAW or Ballistic limits etc. I have gotten way to close to targets in the past just waiting for George to rifle one out but had to retreat and extend. I could never figure out the right combination to get it reset, sometimes I found that ARM/REARM didnt do the trick either. I have been in the habit of quickly shutting off George AI, ARM/REARM, WAS another weapon, then WAS back to missile and bring George AI back and then prosecute the same target again without issue. I never saved the Track file because its usually very deep into a mission when I experience this, so i dont bother. Im hoping to see this recognized and a solution perhaps posted etc. Im just chiming in to support those who are experiencing the same occasionally.
  14. @DaemocI will get a track together and post it. I went to an area where there was no building casting shadows to eliminate that possibility. I delete my FXO and metashaders2 files with every update and let them rebuild. I will flush them again before next test. I do run RESHADE, but I toggled that on and off and yielded same results. Thanks again, maybe I will get somewhere with this with your help.
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