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  1. issue still exists after removing all mods and performing a repair. Getting stuck on L-39.
  2. I'm gonna have to do an SBD-3 if this ever becomes a thing!
  3. Thanks for the info, I also found all the Command .lua files for all full fidelity modules but I am falling short on the command list for the FC3 aircraft. I want to make interactive F15 tutorials like the Su-27 has. I know where I can get some of the info I need but I need all the info to properly highlight gauges and items in the pit at the right times kinda thing. Thanks for your help.
  4. I am confirming my spot on team Lonewolf
  5. I wanted to remake the training missions for the F15 but can not find the command_defs.lua file with the mission editor numbered commands list. Can anyone provide me with the list or a location where to look. Thanks.
  6. You can also use your radar in modern jets to find friends.
  7. Its been about 2 weeks since the contest closed. How do we find out who or what was chosen as the winning missions!?
  8. Project Erebus 5 Roles to fly with over 10 modules included MISSION LINK: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7y5hp5n1ynf4sos/Project%20Erebus.miz?dl=0 A Russian spy infiltrated Groom Lake AFB where the United States has been developing a new cyber weapon, code name “Project Erebus”. Russia is attacking the facility with an elite task force to get control of the weapon or destroy it. Select a role and follow your direct orders if we want to keep Erebus safe. I designed this mission to act as a dynamic multi-role single player mission. Mission Features: Dynamic Single Player Mission Fly as USA or Russia Mission voice overs in English and Russian 14 modules included 5 Unique roles within the mission to experience Each role included multiple scenarios for endless replay Play solo or share the excitement online with a friend Ways to play: 1.Single Player Single Role Experience: Select a Role and Aircraft, fly your mission, RTB. Restart mission and repeat in the same or new role/module. 2.Single Player Dynamic Multi-Role Experience: The mission is designed to continue to evolve with each mission role for those with multiple DCS modules. If you wanted to play all 4 USA roles I recommend the following; after confirmation of mission completion you are clear to move on to the next role. Mission progression would start with {Spy Intercept-->Air-Air-->Air-Ground-->Heli} 3.Multiplayer Experience: Share the excitement with a friend or friends! Simply host the mission with up to 14 available slots and work as a team to cover all roles. Missions Include: USA Spy Intercept Mission is to eliminate Russian Spy unit in Nevada. USA Air to Air Mission is to intercept and destroy all Russian fighters over Groom Lake. USA Air to Ground Mission is to intercept and destroy Russian armor headed for Groom Lake. USA Heli Mission is to eliminate all Russian forces on American soil. **BONUS** Russia Air to Ground Mission is to eliminate all American Forces at Nellis AFB to cripple a counter attack. MISSION LINK: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7y5hp5n1ynf4sos/Project%20Erebus.miz?dl=0]
  9. I literally had the same problem. Update DCS first then try to install the Spitfire. Thanks for the help gentlemen.
  10. is it possible to get a screenshot of what the ground targets look like? I have made a few flights and saw / found nothing.
  11. I am very new to DCS and the WW2 era planes really interest me. I currently own a P-51D and pre-ordered the Spitfire but it looks like I may have to get a 109 too. I am really excited to get to know some of the pilots that fly here often and become a better sim pilot myself. Keep an eye out for Stink inc online I will not be an easy kill forever, I hope.
  12. Wow, that is great news! I am very new like this is day 3 for me. Trying to figure out how radios work online and got my first kill yesterday on a K4 in my P-51 after getting shot down 15 times. Track IR cam in the other day too, Christmas came early!!!
  13. I am a new pilot to DCS, I have flown 700+ hours on FSX and was itching for WW2 combat. After trying to fly IL:2 BoS I found DCS to be far superior to just about everything else I have tried. I am really excited for the Spitfire release as I currently own the P-51 and love it. I hope one day they create a P-40 Module. Then my fantasy will be complete. Looking forward to meeting some WW2 sim pilots on the WW2 servers!! 2 m o r e d a y s
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