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  1. what laser cutter do you have? I wanted buy one or use a laser on my 3d printer, thanks
  2. Print in progress, need to modify some parts so I can use the MSSFB2 potentiometers (or something better) for now
  3. how do you adjusted the motors torque? have enough power to feel the force feedback with a stick so long? In the MSFF2 you can add resistors to increase the power, I did with mine when I added a longer stick
  4. I guess realdcspilot is using his logitech G940 hardware, I'm going to mod one of my MSFF2, the only problem I have is cut the case panels
  5. like this, I know it's a shifter but the idea is the same
  6. this https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=243274 I have been away from the forum and haven't updated my DCS World in a while, so I was wondering if all this was already released or not
  7. so... all the promises about an update are vanished?
  8. you quoted me wrong, my message was related to another thread and the mods merged the two
  9. :thumbup: Да не за что! Я нашел это видео и оно мне показалось интересным даже если не обошлось без помощи моей жены в плане перевода
  10. beacon lights finally fixed in latest openbeta :v:
  11. I see thanks, couldn't find it :smilewink:
  12. Track attached here is my track, the "Z" & "X" keys are just pushed and then released, as it can be seen the rudder travel from one side to full the other side, or just jump in the middle spitfire_rudder.trk
  13. try this: make a copy of the folder "View" inside "..\Saved Games\DCS\Config" and then delete it. Be aware that you will loose the saved views if you don't make a backup
  14. finch

    Black Shark 3?

    well, I have my personal machine, my wife :megalol:
  15. finch

    Black Shark 3?

    yeah, I know, I'm looking there also, thanks
  16. finch

    Black Shark 3?

    I want to say thank you to everyone that is contributing in this thread, it's very interesting, I'm learning every day something new... please keep it going nice and clean like now thanks again
  17. first of all I would prefer to see a crew on board and not a ghost plane
  18. have you tried switching off the random system failure? or is already off?
  19. :music_whistling: Do you think I'm an idiot or what? I really don't understand if is a sarcastic answer or are you serious, or maybe you always want to keep last word... fine... happy for you I started to say thanks to ED, then all derailed in this... I don't know what's wrong with all you
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