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  1. Hi all, I would like to know hot to use "OnEventMissionStart". Do you have an example ? Thanks
  2. Hi all, My project is to purpose to the pilote with a F10 menu to select the mission who want to do. With several missions files ".miz", with different meteo and training context. I created a script to implement a F10 menu to access to the mission library. To be more easily to maintain, I would like to bypass the legacy ACTION "LOAD MISSION" triggered by a flag in the Mission Editor and use a function lua to do the same thing. Here my sample of lua, MenuTrainingSwitch = MENU_MISSION:New( "Training Switch Mission" ) do local function SwitchMissionFn( Mission2Load ) MESSAGE:NewType( Mission2Load .. " to load", MESSAGE.Type.Information ):ToAll() -- HERE CALL FUNCTION TO LOAD AND RUN MISSION FILE end local MenuTrainingSwitch_CaseI = MENU_MISSION:New( "CASE I", MenuTrainingSwitch ) local MenuTrainingSwitch_M1 = MENU_MISSION_COMMAND:New( "CASE I - Calm" , MenuTrainingSwitch_CaseI, SwitchMissionFn, "103_Training_CASE I_SOLO_SYRIA_W06SCT.miz") local MenuTrainingSwitch_M2 = MENU_MISSION_COMMAND:New( "CASE I - Moderate" , MenuTrainingSwitch_CaseI, SwitchMissionFn, "103_Training_CASE I_SOLO_SYRIA_W15BRK.miz") local MenuTrainingSwitch_M2 = MENU_MISSION_COMMAND:New( "CASE I - Hard" , MenuTrainingSwitch_CaseI, SwitchMissionFn, "103_Training_CASE I_SOLO_SYRIA_W25BRK.miz") local MenuTrainingSwitch_M2 = MENU_MISSION_COMMAND:New( "CASE I - Tempest" , MenuTrainingSwitch_CaseI, SwitchMissionFn, "103_Training_CASE I_SOLO_SYRIA_W35OVC.miz") end Do you have any idea about that ? Thanks for your help
  3. autoupdate.cfg deleted and repair is running like a charm
  4. Override OnAfter() event for RESCUEHELO Hi all, I need to have to set USERFLAG in a mission to have interaction between rescue helo and human pilote. I don't know how to do that. My first idea is to override function On AfterSomething in the RESCUEHELO:FMS My second idea is to add to FMS my function for the target event in the life of my RESCUEHELO. Nothing seems doing well, Example: -- heloDecatur instantiates RESCUEHELO -- my event triggered when rescue is done function heloDecatur:onafterRescue(From, Event, To, RescueCoord) -- do my own stuff end then when the event is triggered : -> RESCUEHELO:onafterRescue() is called and -> heloDecatur:onafterRescue() is called too I imagine 2 solution : Use the right LUA syntax to write the script Use Moose FSM to add my function to call, FSM have to be able to call several function by event if someone can help me ...:thumbup: Thanks
  5. Clearly DCS can't find a path to the next waypoint...I didn't know this feature. 1) embarking and none WP after that, just disembarking when the Helo have reach the drop zone. 2) Use a second Troop of GI waiting for to be activated by trigger at the disembarking point, ok 3) Use CTLD to manage troops, this way was adviced by my team (3rd Wing) and Mission makers and you too. ok thanks all ! :thumbup: ps: perhaps something to add to the roadmap ...
  6. Hello everyone, I meet an unusual error with DCS, I created a mission in which a helicopter transports a soldier from Khasab to a place in Iran, on the other side of the Strait of Hormuz. SOLDIER: WP0 start, WP1 onboarding THEN WP2 disembarkation and then maintain position with tactical progression after. The issue encountered is: when a land unit has 2 WP separated by a maritime zone without way, then DCS freeze for 10 to 20 seconds at the start of the mission. :cold: Have you ever seen or read this pb and icing on the cake, a little idea of the possible workaround? :notworthy: Cheers!
  7. A new version 1.4.2 is available with a better check of coordinates.
  8. Hi Ramsay, I will check this test case next wednesday (7th). And will come back with news about that. Thanks for your feedback. Let me know for other feature about mapview.
  9. +1 only when the plane is stopped on ground :music_whistling:
  10. Hi dora, To fix immediatly this issue, replace #month# by "02" for febrary. URL=http://t.skyvector.com/mnmnmbdbdbbd/301/#year##month#/#scale#/#column#/#row##format# replace by URL=http://t.skyvector.com/mnmnmbdbdbbd/301/#year#02/#scale#/#column#/#row##format# I will fix it definitively for the next version Thank you for using Mapview and Tacview best Jacques
  11. Hi Coltrogue, just 2 littles questions, 1°) in a real F-15, there are indexes on the upper of the ADI as the standard cockpit. On your C@sper HD cockpit the indexes are only at the bottom. Why ? Please see below. 2°) Why ADI button is not illuminated ? perhaps because cockpit light are extinguished ? normal ? Thanks for this awesome cockpit. Detox
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