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  1. I can relate, I switch off my FFB on my frankenstein sidewinder 2 when flying CPG as the stick moves all over the place on its own when the pilot is on the controls.
  2. At 2:02:22 in the video, I see both your throttle levers go to Lockout, indicated by the LL marked under the control indicator. You did something at that time, pressed a key or a button that triggered it. In lockout, you manually need to reduce throttle almost immediately or risk destroying the engines and that's exactly what happened. Check keybinds.
  3. We've seen this as well, more likely on higher ping servers. The pilot sees 4 SA-8s and the CPG is looking at two F-15s on the ASE page. Will investigate further.
  4. I usually use the PLT NVS switch method during daytime, it's not likely the pilot will use the PNVS for navigation anyway. That way, with the TADs out of my way in the CPG HDU, I can use the HDU for targeting the gun or what have you.
  5. Short answer is, you can't (yet). Long answer, you can stabilize the sight somewhat with the LMC switch, it won't be perfect but there it is.
  6. Also, go into WPN -> UTIL and set te laser to ON (small solid circle in frong of LASER.
  7. Go to select role and hop into the CPG seat again. That should fix it
  8. Thanks, anything is helpful. I've ordered the screen, i did have an 8" one but that doesn't fit (duh). I'll work with an Arduino Pro Mini or Nano for the buttons.
  9. Same here, I was in pre-contact position when Biff suddenly decides to do a hard left while on my right-hand side and plows into me. Complete tail sheered off and I'm ejecting while he gets to nurse his damaged plane home.
  10. So I tried mission 3 tonight, the heavy lifting for navigation and I got stuck, purely because of my own fault. I pressed a wee bit too many times on the LSK7 (RH side) I think it was, thereby going through all the copied waypoint until I hit ?-1 on the LSK. At that point, I couldn't copy any waypoint anymore. Not deterred by such meaningless details, I started working on changing the waypoints 8 and above, not realizing that at least one of these waypoints is actually in the current flightplan. In the end, I think Biff just gave me the finger and at the script point to turn to waypoint 3 or 4 (way past Creech and after manually making the waypoints), he was quiet as a mouse, nothing came from him so I aborted. I'll try again tomorrow night. Yes, I am an A10C2 noob, I fly RW in DCS most of the time but since I got my hands on a HOTAS, I'm giving the A10 a go. Love it, but it's HMI designer should be shot on sight.
  11. Same issue with Biff plowing the fields between 21R and 21L on his landing. Also noticed his go around. I was expecting some snappy comment but he reverses course and lands on the same runway again.
  12. Happy new year, I received my collective in good order today, I'll install it (somehow) to my chair and try it tonight. Looks great, thank for your work!
  13. Hi, I've got this printed and looking to assemble, can you show some pictures on hat's going where? I struggle a bit.
  14. That's AI JTAC, it's still not possible to occupy a slot as an M4 soldier and JTAC from CA.
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