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  1. Did you try the other way? Right eye on the centre of the BRU and use the keyboard commands to move your head, up, down, left, right etc until the circles and dot aligns. Once boresighted, readjust your seating position for flying. This works really well for me.
  2. Fixed. I hadn't been unzipping it correctly. Thanks for your help.
  3. Today I fitted the TM Warthog analog thumb stick. I followed the instructions and calibrated the new thumb stick. However, in DCS Axis controls or the PC USB Game Controllers, the throttles are registering as either on or off when manipulated. There is no gradual increase/sliding on the power, its either full or off. Any idea what has happened? Thanks
  4. After taking damage whilst flying MP, bitching betty called out engine failure for both engines. However, the engine MFD was showing engine 2 as functioning, although it was operating at an abnormal temperature. Externally, both engines seem to be displaying the same damage modelling. Upon landing and shutting down at the FARP, I was unable to instigate a repair as ground crew requested for engine shut down. During the flight back to the FARP, I was experiencing a strange intermittent sound which I have never heard before in DCS. Maybe someone knows what that sound is replicating? The incident was on the last flight. The track file can be found at the following link, thanks. https://www.dropbox.com/s/4fo5ncdyeak5a5w/Persistent_Syria_TPE_v4_RUN1-20220413-132524.trk?dl=0
  5. I was experiencing this also on the Rotorheads server. I could see tracer fire and ATGM launches from a small town no more than 2-3km away, but for the life of me George couldn’t see them, but the AAA at 7km was no problem. I just put it down to server latency. I will try and save a track file next time.
  6. I find by pointing my HMD Reticle in the center of the BRU and then move the head position, ie, up, down, left, right, forward, backward etc. via the key commands, will move the yellow circles into the center of the BRU all the while keeping your HMD reticle centered, then hit that "cursor enter" when they align. Afterwards, adjust your seating position as normal and you are now a 30mm marksman-ish.
  7. Great idea, but I do believe they will be implementing head movement in CPG George
  8. As per the title. I lost No2 engine post missile strike. Upon returning to base, I shut down and requested repair. Ground crew requested I shut down engines first. I could hear an engine noise and powered up the APU. Engine screen displayed Engine No2 TGT analog tape at 422C. The following link will take you to the track file, my apologies but I do not know how to crop the file to a suitable size for the forum. https://www.dropbox.com/s/bpyue9hzyz3npoc/Through_The_Inferno_CCS_v2.1.0-20220401-101926.trk?dl=0
  9. I was hit by a missile and took significant damage. Bitching betty was calling out "engine 1 & 2 out, Rotor RPM High". I initially thought autorotation time, but noticed both engines were still functioning. I jettisoned all stores and headed back to base, increasing torque to reduce high rotor rpm. Upon approach I noticed lowering the collective fully, only reduced my torque to 60%. I've uploaded the track file to Dropbox as it is 43mb, I'm not sure if it can be cropped. The first part I was busy adjusting flight controls as I thought something was amiss, I should have checked the weather report, more specifically the wind LOL. It would be interesting if someone could talk through what happened and maybe explain the conflicting reports or is it a possible bug? Thanks https://www.dropbox.com/s/is19h618c18f1nh/Through_The_Inferno_CCS_v2.1.0-20220331-101519.trk?dl=0
  10. I'm not sure if this is the correct forum for reporting crashes, but I have never had this happen in MP in any other module. All three CTD occurred whilst on the Rotorheads Server. Thanks dcs.20220330-224658.crashdcs.20220330-032017.crashdcs.20220330-000829.crash
  11. When using the CPG TADS as acquisition source, the image on the pilots MFD is to dark, it’s difficult to recognise ground features as well as targets. I have used the dials on the left in an attempt to improve the image clarity but to no avail. Am I missing something? As you can see from the picture, I fly in VR (Reverb G2).
  12. I’ve not been in the cpg seat but from the pilots perspective everything is in front of you. At your 8 o’clock there are controls for internal and external lighting. Starting engines apu etc are at your 9 o’clock, so you should be able to manage the module without exacerbating your underlying ailment. I’m sure the CPG seat is the same.
  13. Re-sync your flight controls with your pc. Then delete all your axis commands and then reassign them. See if that helps.
  14. I believe this maybe implemented later. On similar posts, I think it was Wags who said the team plan on working on George to implement some form of independence.
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