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  1. Nice. You should see my un boxing of the upgraded Logitech X56. It's on youtube as blusterjet. I have no kitties in my video Though. It's not fair. My landlord makes me pay 25$ per month per Kitty.
  2. So I got to mission18, and did a fighter sweep for all f18s launched from the USA Carrier. The proplem is one won't takeoff so I try to go to the carrier to destroy it but the CIWS always shred me. How can I kill or get this f18 to takeoff?
  3. From a Canadian like me I say it just shows our skill that we can land a ground based fighter on a Carrier. We our just that good. We don need no arrestor hooks even.
  4. In Heavy Sky mission 18 You must do a Fighter sweep of carrier launched f-18s. I killed all the f-18s that launched but one remains on the ramp, and the carrier defenses kill me when I move in to try to kill it with rockets or guns. I assume this is the reason I am unable to finish the mission. Is there a fix to this?
  5. I am Stuck on mission 13 on the challenge campaign in the 109. It says I've finished it 3 times now but the campaign fails to progress. Anyone know how to fix this?
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