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  1. Hi, just in case anybody else has the same concern in the future and discovers this thread... I've spent the last day starting to get to grips with this plane and it's great with 3DOF. The protrusion from the front of the console blocks nothing - or at least nothing that I wanted to look at. In those Youtube videos showing the RWR blocked, it must have been due to the player having his head offset laterally while zoomed in. Thanks for the information in the posts above.
  2. The head tracker I use is the EdTracker. It is great to pan, but it doesn't have positional sensors. I wouldn't doubt you... by "a more modern F-5", I was comparing its role to the two planes I already have; the A-10c is really only a ground attacker, whereas the F-5 is mostly an A-A plane, with some ground attack capabilities. From a quick look, it seemed like the Mirage is stronger in A-A than A-G...? I think I'll buy it. I know I'll regret it if I don't :)
  3. 3DOF in the Mirage? Hi, I'm quite new to DCS, just starting to get comfortable with takeoff/flight/landing the A-10c and F-5. The Mirage looks very interesting, in capability perhaps a little like a more modern F-5. However, while I have head tracking, it's 3 degrees of freedom rather than the full 6. Is this likely to cause big difficulties with the Mirage? I've seen a few YouTube videos, and the Mirage seems to have a big "sticky-outy-bit" on the dashboard that blocks the RWR and a number of other controls unless the pilot can move his head to the side and down. Thanks!
  4. (sorry, wrong sub-forum, moving to the Mirage section)
  5. Thanks all, it sounds like it is possible to locate and target a previously unknown SAM threat, but quite common to simply avoid them. Avoiding is probably my best bet :) Thinking about it a bit more, I suppose in reality a sortie should have a defined objective, and any risks outside of that objective would be avoided in real life. And if the objective *is* a SAM, then most likely its location will be known in advance. Thanks again!
  6. A general question about tactics with the a-10c... When I see/hear an alert on the RWR, I can tell that there is a particular type of SAM nearby - and the approximate direction of that SAM (Unlike the f16, the A-10c doesn't seem to have a ground radar). Should that alert be enough for a competent A-10c pilot to locate and eliminate the threat? At the moment, I have enough difficulty locating targets even when I know they're beside a waypoint. Or would skilled people just avoid any area where there appears to be a SAM? Thanks.
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