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  1. No, as above the in-game carriers work fine for landing & launch. for a real challenge download the HMAS Melbourne mod and give it a go
  2. The RAN didn’t have the E model. They had what was known as the G model which was an F brought up to the specs for the RAN.
  3. @cgjimeneza try ticking the slider box and see if that helps.
  4. Gday @Calabrone, good to hear you enjoy the A-4. I think it is the aircraft that I get the most satisfaction with. That could be because it can be so hard to master, who knows. Another reason I thought of, that has been mentioned by others before, that could be causing problems taxing on carriers, is wind over the deck. I experienced this today when playing around and it was hard to turn in some cases, but not impossible & once aware of the problem it can be countered. If you ever want to jump on a MP server and tear up a carrier deck doing donuts let me know.
  5. Carrier taxi 180s.trkCarrier landing v5.trkCarrier line up.trk Carrier taxi 180s requires HMAS Melbourne mod. These are not instructional tracks - I don't do things 'by the book' - I haven't even read the book. So if anyone feels inclined to tell me what I'm doing wrong, great, post a track and show me. And I not having a go at any one. I am just sticking up for the creators of the A-4E-C mod. They have done a great job - for free. Personally I believe this Mod should be part of the core game - it's that good. I also believe they have modded the systems as close to real as possible. Including how the braking system (steering) works. These tracks show what can be done (apart from the nose pitch up on the carrier landing). I hear a lot about not being able to steer or taxi around on a carrier (or land for that matter) Sorry if you can't watch the 180s on the Melbourne. But I used that carrier as it's the smallest, therefore if you can taxi around the Melbourne you can taxi around anything. Using this mod requires practice & patience. It also makes a huge difference if you have rudder pedals with individual axis to mapped the brakes for each wheel. I personally have no problem taxiing around any of the carriers. I also have no problems taking off, flying a circuit, landing, taxing up to the Cat and taking off again. In fact that is pretty much all I do with the A-4. Boring yes, but it's a release and it it keeps my eye in. I am sorry for users having problems with the steering and such, as it must detract the enjoyment that this mod can bring. All I can say is make sure it's installed correctly, there aren't any other conflicting mods, thoroughly check the control bindings (double binds etc), tweak the axis bindings and practice. Also head over to the discord channel if you want and find more discussion there. https://discord.gg/n4A4nZRV
  6. Interesting. I don’t have SC, so I don’t know if it’s just related to that carrier. I have a simple mission I made in ME with the normal carrier, the Forrestal & the Melbourne side by side. I can launch and retrieve from all without problem. Taxing is tricky with the current A-4 version & it took me a lot of practice. But I can do a 180 degree turn on even the Melbourne. I sort of know what you mean when you say it shoots forward after a trap. I have to get off the power and on the brakes quickly as when the wire releases the aircraft sometimes wants to jump forward. I have found to use that to my benefit. If I’m switched on, I can keep the role going to clear the landing area. The only problem I occasionally experience is when I trap, sometimes the nose pitches up as I come to a stop. But I put that down to me either being too fast, too high or both on approach. I’d be happy to get on one of the MP servers one day and just taxi around and do some circuits with you if you like to see if we can figure out what is going on.
  7. @DmitriKozlowsky what are you using for the brakes - keyboard or pedals with individual axis.
  8. If you find yourself with the nose wheel ‘stuck’ left/right try bouncing it by tapping the brakes on/off. It will come around. I also find riding the brakes with 70% throttle works, and try to keep moving at a slow speed, it’s then more of a case of not applying brakes in the direction you want to turn but using less brakes in the direction you don’t. Of course this is problematic if you can’t map the brakes to an axis and only use the keyboard.
  9. Hey @Skunk Cabbage the aircraft was very responsive IRL. In your control setting try changing the roll rate to saturation Y =50 and give it a small curvature of 15. See how that goes. Pitch & rudder can be changed in the same way. I can’t help you with the volume as I never listen to anything anyway. Also head over to the discord channel if you wish. There is a lot more chatter and advice there. https://discord.gg/j2y6cVjg
  10. Ok, . All good. but yes, it’s not part of the community download, it’s a seperate user skin that I made. you won’t break the Mod if the skin is placed in the correct folder - saved games not in the mod folder. enjoy.
  11. That would be a good idea. save us all having to troll through ‘Other’ units
  12. Updated https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3315538/
  13. I have tried this skin in game and in model viewer, apart from the fuel tanks missing a texture (which I am fixing) what exactly is wrong with the aircraft skin? It seems to appear fine.
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