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  1. Nevermind. for those interested.
  2. Out of curiosity, anyone who's knowledgeable about this subject. I'd be interested to know how similar or different the two aircraft are, in terms of weapons, systems and avionics. Thanks in advance.
  3. I can second this. Excellent read. “RAF Harrier Ground Attack Falklands” by Jerry Pook is also excellent. From the perspective of No. 1(F) SQN RAF flying GR3’s. But if you’re a true aeronautical connoisseur and know that rotary aviation is the pinnacle of human development, I can recommend Scram! By Harry Benson, who flew Wessex HU.5’s, but the book is a collection of stories from various junglie (troop support/utility) helicopter pilots. And also Down South, diary of Chris Parry, who was the observer on the Wessex HAS.3 (ASW variant) who took part in the rescue of the SAS on Fortuna glacier on South Georgia, and the crippling of the Argentinian submarine Santa Fe. And finally Special Forces Pilot, by Richard Hutchins, who flew Sea Kings in troop support. And the squadron he was part of pioneered the use of NVGs, figuring it out on the way down to the Falklands, and he personally also took part in the ill fated SAS mission to mainland South America. Happy reading!
  4. Would love 47, 53, Sea King (Westland version though. ) or Merlin. I Also wouldn't mind a Wessex. But I'm a bit odd like that. Ch-47 I think would be the best choice. Ubiquitous, used for a long time, and in a lot of militaries around the world. Ch-53 would be cool. Would go well with the Tarawa and AV-8B module. Also gives opportunity of things like helicopter AAR, which might be novel. Pave Low would give some great missions I bet. And lets be honest, they just look right. Westland Sea King. South Atlantic. 'nuff said. But since you ask... long service history, in service with quite a few nations around the Anglosphere and Europe. Been very busy with the British, from the Falklands to Iraq (twice), and Afghanistan. Plus all the other smaller stuff in between. Naval pedigree great for Maps such as Marianas, Scenarios operating out of Eastern Med in Syria Map, and of course the South Atlantic map. Also as RAF and RN, Belgian, Norwegian etc. SAR machines. Merlin's are cool and pretty and would be lovely, but might be a bit new to get the information on.
  5. Yeah I have "Petro" to bring up the reticle, then it's just "look there" "first target" "fire" It's actually pretty immersive and works well with the pace of things. Once I'm finished with the reticle I just have a joystick press to get rid of the Petrovich reticle. I'd love it if it was just a dot or something, but I'm not one to nitpick when I get to fly a Hind in VR From what I've seen, I think George will be even better. Obviously the Apache is going to be an issue socially. I doubt I'll be seen by friends, neighbours or family members for a while!
  6. I use Voice Attack fairly effectively for Petrovich in the Hind. The only sort of clunky bit is the "look there" command to search a spot. great if something is there, but if there's nothing and you have to say it ten times, it's a bit of an immersion breaker. But I just bound a few different voice commands to the same action "Twelve o'clock" "eleven o'clock" etc. It's not perfect but it retains most of the immersion, and I think this will improve with time and fine tuning of the AI copilot.
  7. Out of that lot I'd say either a Cobra F or W, or Ch-47. I'd love the little bird, but the infantry fidelity needs to go way, way up before it can really be done justice. But it would be amazing once we get there. To be honest though, I'd much rather see a Lynx, Whirlwind (H-19/S-55 or turbine powered British models), Wessex (British Turbines or H-34/S-58), Westland Sea King, Alouette II, Puma, Scout/Wasp etc, or failing that, some of the Soviet stuff. All of those airframes had plenty of users all over the world. Bell-47 or H-13 would be amazing. A new era for helicopters in DCS, an airframe that was used all over the world. I'd also like to see a facelift of the Huey, and possibly the inclusion of the B/C/E style airframe, which I think would be reasonably easy considering the flight dynamics wouldn't change too much, but we'd have the proper US style gunships, and the correct model for many UH-1 users that never ended up buying the H model, and many early users who got them before eventually buying the H model. Of course Twin-hueys, particularly the UH-1N or bell 212 or 412 model would be very welcome, but would be whole new module. Still though... beats a UH-72 in my book
  8. There is a mod available to do it in the user files.
  9. Check out Chucks guide. Chuck’s Guides – DCS Mi-24P Hind | Mudspike He has a section on recommended bindings.
  10. It certainly did. But I still think of DCS in the old LOMAC days where it was more of an air to air sim. As a rotorhead and old artilleryman myself, there's nothing I'd like to see more than improvements to artillery functionlity in the game, and things like the ability to call for and adjust fire would really make the game for me.
  11. +1 With DCS increasingly being a CAS centric simulator (Blackshark, A-10, Hind, Apache, not to mention the other CAS capable other modules) Things like different artillery round types more smoke/illum/HE Point detonate or airburst for me, would make for much more engaging scenario building.
  12. +1 I'll buy the UN and Communist asset packs separately, just to sow the seeds of discontent.
  13. Right. Well since you're determined to be wrong. I will wish you a good night. Have fun on your oppressed, faux-segregated server.
  14. And I disagree with the basis of your argument. That it's a downward spiral for DCS. In fact I think very much the opposite. That the sales of the asset pack will drop off precipitously if the units in it can be used without paying for them, even if the model is replaced by something else. As I said above to @Northstar98, if you have an 88 or a searchlight in a mission, it has to function as an 88 or a searchlight. So if someone then comes onto the server flying a lovely new mosquito, and gets lit up by a highly illuminated cow, or shapeless blob, he's unlikely to see the model, but will benefit from the function of the unit in the game. He shouldn't. He should get his bloody mitts in his pocket and shell up, like the rest of us did. Steam!?? You sell-out!!!
  15. Because Supercarrier is an experience from inside the cockpit as well as external eye candy. It is also unique in that it's a paid asset that replaced a freeware model in the game. Well then don't place the hay bale my dear chap. Again, I don't think it is a problem. My heart doesn't bleed for people who can't play multiplayer DCS on servers that have things they haven't bought. Call me callous, but I think there is far more to worry about in the world. However, as I said. Under your proposed solution, where the item is replaced by a blob or placeholder model, the item can still be used. The functionality of the unit would have to be in the game, because it's an 88mm gun, or a Searchlight, and it has to behave as such for the people who have bought it. So whether it's modelled as a blob, a naked lady, Georgian infantry or a T-72, that paid asset is being USED by someone who hasn't paid for it.
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