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  1. The AI will not drop all the bombs (wing + internal bomb bay) on a bomb run.
  2. Nav errors flying from this Crete base. There is no airbase number in the kneeboard to enter for this air base.
  3. They said they're not fixing it. Its because they don't understand how its suppose to work.
  4. This is with Radar TDC slew rate in the special options tab maxed out at "2". Also, ground radar TDC slew does not scale when in EXP and DB modes, its too fast there.
  5. Nothing in manual about new HARM modes, or target emitter codes.
  6. Syrians dropped barrel bombs from altitude using Mi-8 during their war.
  7. Something is wrong with this after last update. Roll and pitch are spiking. Its the plane/module, not the control interface.
  8. .50 cal. will knock out a BTR. in real life. Just saying.
  9. The C802 AKG tv cruise missile will not display ground (only water) on the wide field of view.
  10. The harpoon should have a 30 feet ASL flight profile after launch, and a 45 degree left and right snake pattern for aquisition. It won't do that in game. Talk to your SMEs if you have any. I was U.S. Navy, I know.
  11. The boys at Dekka have an 802 ASM that behaves correctly. Talk to them. The missile should skim at 30 feet, from any range.
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