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  1. I did a repair on DCS yesterday because F16 made game crash. Is this mod working properly? I use OvGME.
  2. Hi all. I have changed the language of the game (in English) and I would like to keep training missions in other language. Is it possible to keep it in another language?. Thanks.
  3. I had this mod on that file but it doesnt start.
  4. Hi all. If I had this mod in the aircraft file DCS doest start. Any solution?
  5. It works for me but when I change options to my setup the issue come back to NS430.
  6. Hi all. I always see the window of the NS430 as in the picture. I try to center the window but it is not possible. Anyone knows how to solve this?. This happens since the last update and I already did a repair. thanks.
  7. Ok. thank you. It was a problem with steam bind and new keys. I bought those modules when I had DCS in Steam. Now is all right and working. Thanks for ur help.
  8. I make every steps but repairs and CMD never work for me. Can I fix it with a clean installation?
  9. Hi all. The following DLCs are not authorized and will be disabled: NS430_L-39C NS430_Mi-8MT I find this when I start DCS. I have 2d and 23h to fix it. I tried to unistall those modules but it doesnt fix anything.
  10. It was an input. I was an axis. I tried other plane and I changed all the F18 mapping and its fixed. I did 2 mission and its working right. Thank u so much.
  11. Suddenly, the view changes automatically. I change the view with "/" and this problem comes back again and again. There is not input for views, only the keyboard but it working right. The config is the same since 2018 in the trackir. It never had a problem .
  12. I dont have programs to capture video but is just a sight change, Its like I press a key and the view change. Its not a movement, Its just a change. When I start. I move the the zoom with "/" and its ok.
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