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  1. I experimentes the same issue in the Mission 2 of the Cage The Bear Campaign. Interesting is that from the first moment, entering in the aircraft, if you see the needle not in 0, it works correctly. I did a test. I started several times the Mission 2. Sometimea this failre is poping up, and sometimes is working good. Difficult for the troubleshooting
  2. Nobody is doing INS fixes in the missions? XD
  3. Hello all, I was wondering which INS fix was used during war time. TACAN fix in enemy zone is not possible, for visual fix, a low level flight is desired to have a good accuracy but not always possible in enemy territory, and the radar fix (a good method in other Aircrafts) seems to be very difficult to use. What are you using in your missions? Somebody has more info about it? Thank you!
  4. Any news about this topic? The changelogs are still not update :( It's a petty, but after the experience with M2000C and Harrier, not finished products, Razbam will lose a lot of customers...
  5. Hello Razbam! Two functions that I will appreciate a lot will be the TPOD slave function and the possibility to adjust the time on target. I saw that some functions regarding timer are working without any previous news, but both mentioned systems are still not working and it is not mentioned in your updates. Can you please let us known if we will wait a lot or it will be done before Xmas? Thank you & Happy Landings
  6. Great campaign Sedlo!! Really I have now a problem in Mission 07. After destroy the Helo, I get no information how the mission continues. Something maybe from the last update not working in the campaign maybe? Thank you!
  7. Great application! Same as uscstaylor. Is it possible to use it for the Harrier?
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