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  1. This is a frustrating issue, still present in Open Beta Night flights on some hardcore servers are essentially a no go.
  2. SRS all the way, so very well executed.
  3. Can confirm, noticed this in BF. Cannot be set at all.
  4. The pilot's altimeter cannot be adjusted.
  5. I came to DCS for the better realism it has over the competition, I will avoid servers that have labels and so forth enabled. As for not being able to see an aircraft that is flying low over ground clutter, both sides benefit from using that as cover and also both sides have the challenge of picking targets out from it.
  6. No fuel pressure indicator light, or if it is lit it's not apparent. So I am seeing this too. --edit below-- I can see that it does in fact light up, but is not easily distinguishable from unlit.
  7. What works for me like a champ, is: CH pedal toe brake (only one) set to Spitfire brake axis, I had to invert it and set it as slider. Now I can make very accurate S turns and have no more issues taxiing.
  8. Hi Pikey, yes full HOTAS all CH with pedals, I've had a config for MS FS Spitfire from A2A, but long lost all that years ago, but I know that the brakes are actuated from the yoke lever etc, trying to find some analogue way of doing this that does not stray too far from the real thing.
  9. Steam DCS use to have some compatibility issues, I cannot for the life of me recall where and how, I have a sneaky suspicion that got resolved, but due to this I never touched Steam DCS; I just didn't want the hassle.
  10. Sorry I should've clarified; I know all about the Mustang's tail wheel lock, otherwise I'd not be able to fly it, and I know the Spitfire castors, what I was after was perhaps some techniques or suggested configs for a CH HOTAS that get the best use for the Spitfire, I rushed my original post late at night.
  11. PIO* I can fly a wide variety of aircraft in this game, rotary to fixed, this includes the challenging airframes like the Huey, Gazelle, Mustang, AV8B and so on, and currently the Spitfire is a series of oscillations in yaw on taxi, absolute nightmare, I do not have this issue with the Spit in MS FS and others, point being; something is very adrift. Suggestions?
  12. How often is this server up and running? This will swing my decision on whether to purchase Normandy and a relevant aircraft.
  13. On Blue Flag just a moment ago I noticed that Stennis was damaged according to what I now know is duff information. I flew from Murbah to 25°50'21"N 57°37'41"E in a UH-1, only to find it was not there, bingo fuel long gone I had to land aboard a destroyer. Coming back from 2 year break this has been fun. Needless to say it took a while, but it's interesting to note; I could refuel and rearm there.
  14. Appreciate the nod, NineLine, it's encouraging. This is certainly something that crops up outside of the forum on a regular basis, I've asked others if they've found a workaround, tricks to fool a headless box etc, dummy-loads on outputs, but it's all rather clunky. Something stripped down, Linux friendly without resorting to VMs etc, and headless by design from ED would be really rather splendid.
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