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  1. Just in case you didn't want to update without knowing what it addressed. v1.0.1 Fixed TACAN bug when there is a carrier with only 1 waypoint Improved TACAN so it won't fail if carrier or mission isn't loaded correctly Fixed AI getting stuck at end of catapult launch Fixed Right MFD ADI roll pointer not showing up Removed SRS script from download; the T-45 is now integrated into the latest SRS update Fixed night instant action mission not showing up Fixed rear MFD rocker controls only affecting right side Fixed MFD alignment so right side isn't cut off Fixed engine thrust not decreased enough at high altitude Added/Fixed keybindings for: - DEP/UFC - Battery switches - Engine switch - HYD 2 reset - Rudder pedals - Throttle - Gear down and up - Anti-skid - Hook - Launch bar - Canopy - Generator Switch - HUD power and brightness Fixed ADI page slip ball moving too far Improved HUD/MFD font Added seat arming handle and ejection handle Fixed External lights master switch Fixed cabin altitude needle being incorrect Fixed cage HUD button on MFD Fixed rear seat altimeter knob Revised Ejection seat materials to support seat arm Added the revised ejection seat mats to the external model Fixed ejection seats that would persist in the pit after ejection Updated the clickable interaction on various knobs and switches that were incorrect Revised the pit shadow shell to mask the external light leak into the pit more Updated the overall pit base materials to be lighter so the pit isn't so dark in shadow Updated the right console mats as they were missing the correct weathering and base mats
  2. The Patreon link does seem to be incorrect. Try this one if still interested. Cheers! https://www.patreon.com/user?u=4816033&fan_landing=true
  3. Collision Lines confirmed not exporting with latest EDM exporter. I have run through a few different collision model exports testing this. The same collision models export fine in 2016 but not in 2020. Is there a timeline on when we can expect this to be updated?
  4. Thanks SkateZilla! Appreciate the help.
  5. Yessir! Check our first pass cockpit reveal we did a few weeks ago.
  6. Little update while we prep for the upcoming Virtual Airshows. Got a new coat of paint for the show! Come watch us fly Sat. 8th of August 10:00-13:00 in the East Kirkby Virtual Air Show hosted by Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Center.
  7. T45 Weapons Testing This update is about weapons. We have an early stage functioning CCIP and wrapped up the custom new 6 station bomb rack for the pylons. Enjoy and we'll get a video showcasing the functionality soon! For now please enjoy the models, in engine, and some static shots from the testing. -Particleman VNAO Simulations
  8. Consider it as extensive as any other DCS paid module. The pit is fully clickable and everything that should be mappable to a HOTAS, MFD, custom panels should work as intended. Hope that info helps! -Particleman
  9. T45C Carrier Testing Session Video Just posted another progress video of some of the recent Supercarrier testing for the T45C. Enjoy!
  10. T45C Cockpit Preview! It's time. We have been hard at work rebuilding the cockpit to be the T45C model. Here is the preview we promised. Still lots to do but it's coming along. Hope you enjoy and be sure to check out the quick in-engine video preview of the pit on our youtube channel! Also if you haven't checked out our VNAO Squadron Ready Room be sure to hit up the Userfiles link here and try it out today! https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3310351/ -Particleman VNAO Simulations
  11. Is this a screenshot in Singleplayer? It should only show that if you are in SP. Try running in MP and it should go away. We have seen one edge case where that still shows up in MP and in that case we don't know what causes it and you'll need to probably place it at an airfield. Hope that helps. -Particleman
  12. So I've not seen that before unless on one of the computers it's not installed correctly. If you select any other slot then Pilot 1 and hit briefing fly you would get the result you are talking about because technically there is no 'pilot' in command of the aircraft. If you are just solo make sure to select Pilot 1 and you should load in then you can use the view number keys to move around. Always make sure there is a Pilot one before adding additional pilots. Also, quick sidenote, if you have say 15 pilots in the room and someone else wants to take control of the briefing it 'should' allow you to request control and have the non pilot one now control the room. If that doesn't work, it's spotty sometimes, you can also have Pilot 1 leave the room, all other pilots will be temporarily, visually pushed back to the loading screen but if you have another player join Pilot 1 when they hit briefing/fly then all Pilots that were attached to the room should be rejoined auto magically back where they were. Hope that info helps. Cheers! -Particleman
  13. Everyone needs to install the slides but the host/first pilot is the only one that can control the slide playback and the lighting. Others can hit the 1 key to move to the podium, they should start there by default then can hit 1-0, LShift 1-0, RShift1-5 to swap around the room. Yeah TVs are really underwhelming. They are just mirrors and based on the seat position they will change considerably. We want to add a fixed camera but since we don't have the full SDK we can't do something like a live plat, yet... We're trying to work around it and get something. Would love to see the Rampagers livery and when you get it done if you want to share I'll add it to the next patch! Cheers! -Particleman
  14. This can be done in the DROP_SLIDES_HERE folder in the mod. Just add your custom slides ther and they show up in the game. Map the lights to an axis and you can dim them.
  15. Yes. We avoided using DDS for all content that most people would want to update. It's more of a 'standard' format for game engines and gives very good quality. Most image editing programs should be able to save or export to the TGA format easily. DDS would require an additional plug-in and some knowledge of how the DDS format works as there are alot of variations and flavors of it. Hope that info helps. -Particleman
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