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  1. Hi guys Does anybody know how to convert a LAT LON waypoint into DCS mission file format?
  2. Hello For my group and mehave been exrpeicnes hard difficultis trying to takeoff with crosswind. F-16CM manual state that on a dry runway RCR=23, the F-16CM could take off with a max crosswind component of 25 kts. For us this is impossible to do this and keep a safe takeoff rolling over the runway. Is this an issued? I read It was reported last year, but... Thnaks Salute Gavilan
  3. Ups... ok. Thanks for your answer. Will be waiting for the fix. Thanks Gavilan
  4. Hi DArt I have installed LotATC 2.0.03 server only, and It doesn't work. Configurator shows a red light and a warning message: Status Error. LotATC is badly installed (step 1/5) I used the installer program for deploy it, no changes made from me. How should I fix this? Thanks
  5. Thansk Viper for your great work. I dremt with an app like this for a long time. Question: Is there a repository to share templates? I am looking for a layer with NTTR polygon for each zone. Thanks again!
  6. Hi Is it possible to export NS440 directly with viewport? Thanks
  7. And is ti possible to move the shaker from the rudder to the stick in order to get this feedback in the FFB joystick?
  8. Vibora. Is it possible to move the shaker from rudder (I don't know if exist a rudder pedals with shaker) to the stick? Do you have some FFB setting and axis tunning for a forcefeeback joystick like MS Sidewinder II? Thanks again
  9. Thanks Vibora. We are using those setting and they work very well. I'm curious about the last update in wich pitch stability will be improved. Love this module, one of the best! Salute Gavilan
  10. Great news!!! Thanks a lot for this effort. Salute Gavilan
  11. Hello Can someone please give me some updates related to this? Thanks.
  12. Hi Vibora A group of friend and me have decide to star flying this beautiful bird with our squad as the initial phase of a virtual pilot career, but we call it A-36 Halcon, or Gallina (we are Chilean pilots). So far so good, but I have a question. Is it normal the boucing on the nose of the aircraft? After a couple of hours of flying finally I could manage it with smooth moving on the stick and use of trim. Maybe it could be due to we are used to fly F-16 and its FLCS makes easy to maintain a desired attitude. Our next step is us its multicrew capabilities in order to train our less experienced pilots. I know this is on WIP, so a bug list with some basis updating frequency could be great to track this. If you could publish and consolidate this list will be great for us. Thansk for this great bird!. Salute.
  13. Thanks Bignew Great to know you have this thing and is an actual and reported issue Salute Gavilan
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