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  1. can you add a x row limit in it?(just like ka50)
  2. when i move my view to the "NEW' cloud in 2.7 ,IT will have some mosaic in the Junction between my plane and cloud and when i look at the groud there is something just like “reload" and some place's reflex and light will change this two things only happen in 2.7 my cpu is i5-10600kf gpu is 2060 6g RAM IS 24GB
  3. it's said that lead coder of bms is now lead coder of truegrit .is it true
  4. the Supercarrier mod on eshop have a 50persent off (if you have the f/a18c hornet mod) BUT on the steam shop you will have a 30persent off .If you have f/a18c hornet mod you will have another 20persent off .So you will have a 46 off.WHY?
  5. when will have an update when will have an update
  6. I made the Chinese cockpit of the F-14B, but I have a problem. Why does the console light not show the shape that should be in accordance with the alpha channel of the texture? The console light of the F/A-18C Chinese cockpit I made before. The shape of the font can be controlled by the alpha channel of the cockpit map, but the cockpit of the F-14B cannot control the font light shape of the cockpit through the alpha channel. How can I control the channel to be displayed by the console light of the cockpit? Or control it to show the shape I want? I hope Heatblur sees and helps me solve the problem or someone can solve it.
  7. hi eagledynamics : my firends and i fround that it's very slow when we use the keyboard(up down left right)to control the f16,(when we push down the up down right left the f16 will answer our control after 1 or 2 second )it doesn't make us feels good .althought it isn't a bug but i hope you will find some ways to solve the promblem to improve our feeling. please solve it as soon as quickiy! thanks!
  8. But they have put off it for THREE TIME
  9. so can we play it in 5 hours?
  10. SO,will we have a update later?
  11. Harpoon JHMCS Guided Bombs I think that ed can finish the air to air first,then finish the air to ground.
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