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  1. I am not sure why this happens for you, but I read/heard somewhere that the distances between the different waypoints must within certain values. Unless someone else have a better answer try to change the spacing between the waypoints.
  2. You have to flip the cassette?!
  3. Thanks a lot Ian, I don't get any error messages opening this and it seems to work ok at a first glance. At first I thought it was completely messed up, but I quickly realized that most of the units were hidden. After unhiding everything it looked normal again. I will try it out some more and maybe make some changes while I am at it. :thumbup:
  4. Thanks for the breakdown. I completely understand that they are adding new features etc, but that doesn't mean that they have to remove older features which breaks compatibility (well ok from BS1 to today is quite a long time, but people mentioned that mission can break after just one patch). The mission I had in mind was this one: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=37546 It contains quite a lot of scripted events which heavily relies on triggers which activates quite complicated events, such as bombers that have to bomb specific coordinates only after SAMs have been taken out. Hence since I do not have BS1 installed and I noticed that most of the complicated triggers were missing from the mission and I think that it would be easier to just remake the mission from scratch instead.
  5. Thanks for the fast replies, it looks like I will not be able to revive my old missions after all... I hope compatibility is improved in future versions of DCS, breaking missions with newer versions is the biggest flaw of DCS in my opinion. After your comments I lost all motivation to start making missions for the community again, since they will probably become obsolete in the next version anyway. Previously I made mods and maps for other games, such as Half-life, and they are still playable 10 years later...
  6. I used to play Ka-50 a lot when it was new, I also made a few missions, some were quite popular here on the forum. I would now like to replay some of these mission, maybe with different aircrafts etc. But when I open the missions in the editor a lot of units are completely missing, making them unplayable. Do I need to install the original Ka-50 game and resave it as a newer version in some way or is it impossible to update old missions to DCS 1.5? Thanks
  7. On a quad core cpu with intel speed step enabled, it will not run on full power until almost 2 full cores work at 100%. So running a game/application that only uses 1 Core, will never be able to make the CPU go out of it's power save mode! Download the small application Cpu-Z which displays the current frequency etc. of the CPU. So you can check what is actually going on while playing DCS.
  8. Is this possible to achieve in the game? Would make a nice mission where you have to laser the target for a precision bomb, dropped by an high flying aircraft.
  9. I have updated the missions to be compatible with latest version of DCS, I also tweaked the battlefield situation. See the first post for download and further information! :thumbup: (Also an admin could remove New Mission from the title, since this is now an old mission that is updated)
  10. If I understand it correctly, that "fix" uses scripts for the joystick and keyboard to trick the position of the rudder before trimming? I'm looking for a fix that doesn't require special software to create joystick scripts...
  11. I'm back playing Black shark after a long time away playing other games. One thing i noticed immediately is; that it's impossible to know how you have trimmed the pedals/rudder.. Is it possible in any script-file to disable the trimmer, from changing the trim on the rudder/pedals in the Ka-50 (the rudder would always be center-trimmed)? I have to use Ctrl+Enter every time I fly in order to be able to recenter my rudder, and I very rarely trim the rudder to anything but center position. (In real life you can feel the pedal position, on a simple joystick you have no feel at all when you twist your wrist)
  12. Thanks for the good response, i don't have the time to create more missions at the moment so don't expect anything soon. The image is slightly photoshoped if I remember correctly, mainly to get the same light levels in all the three images...
  13. It's been a long time since I've posted on the forums, I noticed this youtube video by accident made by a Spanish guy. It's completely dedicated to this mission. :smilewink: For you who haven't tested it, look at the video and see what it's like (lots of action) :thumbup: Also, an operator could remove the word NEW from the title of this thread... XBL-l-OIoi8
  14. When you trim you also set the heading that the heli wants to turn to if you have Heading hold on.. this makes the heli turn even though no rudder is seen on the Ctrl-Enter (same goes for bank and pitch hold)... Have you tried it without heading hold on? (I almost never fly with heading hold on because it is to much trouble without FF pedals since you can't feel what is happening)
  15. Must be the best landing so far! :thumbup: But would that be possible in real life is the question? :music_whistling:
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