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  1. At one time we had a NVG "bug" that put NVG in your right eye and not the left. I thought that was the best way. I could keep the NVG's up but focus on the left eye if I wanted to see the gauges. I wish I could have that back!
  2. Thanks for putting this together Derdoe, we are a small community and to lose someone so young is just so sad. Glad to see everyone that turned out to pay respect and say goodbye. RIP Shadow. S!
  3. [BSD] Blackwolf AKA BK, KA-50, I met and flew for a short time with Osa, sad to hear of his passing.
  4. I loaded up DCS World this morning and when to launch off the Carrier and go blow up a few tanks on the mainland. But to my surprise, the F-18 just splashed into the water because the carrier was not there. Neither were the Armored units I set up on the mainland. I tried the mission several times with no effect. This was after the latest update and tried a reload of DCS OB and remaking the mission. Anyone ever run into this?
  5. Yep, I'm in there too. I didn't go for the 262 though I stopped at the Silver backers.
  6. It would be nice to call AWACS in a chopper.
  7. Yeah I tend to like it too. :) It was my first jump into choppers and sure now I fly them all but I keep going back to my good old shark.
  8. Awesome mission Alpenwolf. Thanks again for a fun night.
  9. Ah dude.. the events are so fun. Maybe look at some settings to make MP work better for you? I'm on a high end system too and at times the FPS dropped to 12 in VR but it came back quickly. Don't judge one time for all of them. Try again.
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