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  1. At one time we had a NVG "bug" that put NVG in your right eye and not the left. I thought that was the best way. I could keep the NVG's up but focus on the left eye if I wanted to see the gauges. I wish I could have that back!
  2. Thanks for putting this together Derdoe, we are a small community and to lose someone so young is just so sad. Glad to see everyone that turned out to pay respect and say goodbye. RIP Shadow. S!
  3. [BSD] Blackwolf AKA BK, KA-50, I met and flew for a short time with Osa, sad to hear of his passing.
  4. I loaded up DCS World this morning and when to launch off the Carrier and go blow up a few tanks on the mainland. But to my surprise, the F-18 just splashed into the water because the carrier was not there. Neither were the Armored units I set up on the mainland. I tried the mission several times with no effect. This was after the latest update and tried a reload of DCS OB and remaking the mission. Anyone ever run into this?
  5. Yep, I'm in there too. I didn't go for the 262 though I stopped at the Silver backers.
  6. It would be nice to call AWACS in a chopper.
  7. Yeah I tend to like it too. :) It was my first jump into choppers and sure now I fly them all but I keep going back to my good old shark.
  8. Awesome mission Alpenwolf. Thanks again for a fun night.
  9. Ah dude.. the events are so fun. Maybe look at some settings to make MP work better for you? I'm on a high end system too and at times the FPS dropped to 12 in VR but it came back quickly. Don't judge one time for all of them. Try again.
  10. Go to the avionics settings and set them to English.
  11. Click on my Sig and it will take you right to BSD, come check us out.
  12. ^ lol big toe fire button! Well if it works.. Look into Voice Attack. That might be the way to go until you get a proper HOTAS.
  13. Same here, for VR the blue pit looks better, IMO.
  14. US and EU groups always looking for new members. Any skill level is welcome. Come fly with us.
  15. Yeti you tested with Fargos? I can edit it but to me it seems as the VR is zoomed all the way up to the green ring. I had some success moving it out but not sure what else to do.
  16. Tacca do you know for the VR how you would set it to be in just one eye? Just keep messing with the adjustments until it there?
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