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  1. I wish to know this as well. I'd like to play with the sounds a bit.
  2. I found out that Tacview recording degrades performance significantly proportionally to the amount of units in any given session. Has anyone noticed this? And is it something that can be made aware to RAIA Software? Disable tac view in special options and join any multiplayer server such as Hoggit or TTI and check it out for yourself.
  3. I know It's reported but Just wanted to raise awareness to this issue as well... +1
  4. The Intake Whine noise in the cockpit on the -A model is the same pitch regardless of power setting. It cuts out with AB.
  5. Can confirm this issue. You have to faf with the TMS down and Cursor Enable switch to move the TGP box and steering line around so you can use PRE more for a Maverick. Otherwise the TGP does move but the mini box symbol stays on the selected steerpoint
  6. Does anyone know if the EXP 1,2,3 function will make the 6/3 Update? Thanks
  7. Interesting, so regardless of WHOT or BLKHOT, it's pure green.
  8. I figured only Wags can comment on this. I've tried looking for Legacy Hornet footage of the DDI's displaying target pod ( litening or atflir). I have not found any.
  9. Question, I believe the F/A-18C's Left and right DDIs are only capable of a few colors, while I believe the AMPCD has full color.. I was wondering how the TGP will display on the DDIs. Would the image be completely green like the Optical Mavericks? Or would it be the traditional black & white? What about the AMPCD? Thanks!
  10. When you join as RIO in multiplayer, there is a Low Fuel green annunciator light that stays on regardless of fuel load. ( Right of the TID display).
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