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  1. USAF doesnt use APG-68(v)9 they use the APG-68(v)1 and the (v)5, only export vipers have the (v)9. Recently the USAF is updating to the APG-83
  2. The USAF vipers dont use APG-68(v)9, they use the 68(v)5 or more recently the APG-83.
  3. "The newest version, LITENING AT, is in production and will begin fielding in 2003. It further extends target detection and recognition ranges, improves the target coordinate generation accuracy, and provides multi-target cueing." https://www.acc.af.mil/About-Us/Fact-Sheets/Display/Article/199176/litening-iierat/
  4. The DCS F-16CM's LITENING TGP page is modeled incorrectly, and is modeled as a LANTIRN TGP page instead of a LITNEING TGP page. This is evident if you look at a LANTIRN TGP page in F-16 documentation. Ive also sourced a few photos that illustrate the inaccuracies in this modeling. show above is what a LITENING TGP page should look like, as you can see its quite a bit different than what is modeled in DCS. You can see the Multi Target track button on OSB 18 which allows you to track multiple targets at the same time with the TGP. You can see the laser pointer options on OSB 2 with options of LSR, PTR, and BTH similar to the A-10C. There are a few things that are greyed out in this image but I can describe a few of them. In the bottom left window is the Passive ranging function which uses baro altitude and a few algorithms to determine the range to target. Now shown above is the LANTIRN TGP which looks nearly identical to the supposed LITENING targeting pod page shown in DCS.
  5. They already modeled the LANTIRN TGP page so all they would have to do is make it so you can load the pod. They marked that post “Contradicts All Documentation,” but that’s simply not the case lol.
  6. The “DL” switch is to turn on IDM, “MIDS LVT” is to turn on Link 16 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Please consider adding the LANTIRN TGP to the DCS viper. It wouldnt be that much work because the LANTIRN TGP page is already implemented.
  8. I was flying with an apache pilot yesterday and he was talking about how he did it irl and how other people do it too and was wishing he could do it in game.
  9. Although this isnt a official procedure, many apache pilots flip their HDU under their goggles when flying. Would be nice if we could do the same in dcs.
  10. Not just the echo, I think FXD was added roughly in 2012
  11. Yeah, you can use it in public missions
  12. Heres a Kneeboard template I made for the Apache. If you have Adobe Acrobat you can easily fill in each section. Kneeboard v3.pdf Kneeboard v4.pdf
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