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  1. I know, but to me it is obvious that a departure from controlled flight will result in a rapid unplanned disassembly at Mach numbers far below 1.88. Especially at low altitude (high CAS).
  2. Sounds like the sort of thing that would be related to calibrated airspeed rather than Mach. Have you seen any source material for this or is it just speculation?
  3. So stabilizer area was sufficient below Mach 1.88, but above Mach 1.88 it needed to be 3 times larger? Also, the stabs compensating for a 200 kNm torque doesn't sound unreasonable to me. They are the size of F-16 wings, and the F-14 is also equipped with ventral fins of considerable size. I've googled this speed limit and found the following explanations: -Intake ramp was set in a fixed position -Stability -Afterburner spray bar structural limitations These can't all be true. Is there any open official documentation on this issue?
  4. Sure, but that thing was flying at 80 thousand feet and have the engines very far apart, even when compared to the F-14. Also the reaction time of pilot or SAS should not be a factor as the vertical stabilizer itself should keep the jet flying true. It's the reason you can keep your feet on the floor when you're fast. Anyway, I've never heard that stability issues were the reason for the Tomcat's speed limits. I would very much like to read about it.
  5. No, but why wouldn't you have rudder authority to compensate for an engine dying if you're fast?
  6. I don't exactly know how it compares to the Hornet but I find the F-14A/B acceleration through the transonic region to to still be surprisingly bad, especially with any sort of a2a loadout. Oddly enough unloading or diving doesn't seem to help much.
  7. Still, if a F-22 has a radar signature of e.g. 1 % of a non stealth fighter that will per the radar equation reduce the detectable range to about 30 %. Of course the real numbers are classified, but it's not unthinkable that a Phoenix could intercept an F-22 in such a simplified scenario. I am however sure the F-22 people use tactics to maximize the advantages of their aircraft. They probably don't fly straight and level and let the other guys shoot first.
  8. Yet lend money to a gaming company is exactly what you have done. Not wanting to lend money to a gaming company is perfectly reasonable. Not wanting to do it, then doing it, and finally being salty about it, is not. If you don't like pre-orders then don't pre-order.
  9. Sounds a bit backwards to be honest, but OK.
  10. Someone also mentioned that you could disable roll(?) SAS and still do all of that stuff.
  11. Are you able to sustain that boost or will it drop with speed?
  12. I don't think they did. All I've seen is that they said they found some leads that may point in that direction. Not that they actually will do it.
  13. Aren't we waiting for HB to decide whether the C should have AMRAAM-like guidance?
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