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  1. It also is a bomb problem, since the max release point to target is too long. You cannot release a glided bomb from 20k feet at the distance of almost 10nm. It just cannot glide/fly that distance. You can check my my tracks here, how the speed is dropping. The Solution Cue just comes to early to Flight Path Marker, when the bomb gets permission for release.
  2. GBU-24 seems to have max release point issue. The distance from release point and to the target, based on altitude and speed of aircraft is too long. Bomb can never reach the target. f16_nevada_gbu24-NOT_OK.trk f16_nevada_gbu24-OK.trk
  3. Thanks @itn, this is it! Cursor zero is indeed needed to press to eliminate that off-set. I said I had this same "issue" before, but I just couldn`t remember it. Anyway, one thing salved.
  4. This must be an issue with a TGP, check this out: f16_syria_gbu24_tgp_issue2.trk this is actually GBU-10 bomb
  5. I think I we have same issue regarding TPG, and Laser as well. I was trying to test new GBU-24, but ran into lots of issues. Also created a thread here.
  6. Same thing at Syria. Why is that off-set when trying to use the steer point 26, which I made as mark point? f16_syria_gbu24_tgp_issue.trk I remember having this same issue a while ago, but I just can`t remember what was the reason for it.
  7. Gripen can fairly compete with F-14, while Wiggen can not. And that is my point.
  8. Can you guys check it out what is going on at Nevada using TGP and GBU-24 bomb? I created mark point on target to drop GBU-24 bombs, but when I tried to use that mark point as steering point: 1. there was some off-set with coordinates to the right, and after few tries, I managed to lock on one target (don`t know why it then picked the correct coordinates) 2. after bomb release, it did not end on the target. Tracks attached, to see what is going on. f16_nevada_gbu24_tgp_issue_2.trk f16_nevada_gbu24_tgp_issue.trk Or is it me, who is doing something wrong here?
  9. Personally I would rather see JAS-39, since it can cope with other modern fighter jets, like F-16, F/A-18, F-14 and JZ-17, which we have id DCS. And for me is one of the best gen4 aircraft.
  10. Hi there, since this team already did the predecessor AJS-37 Viggen, is there any change in the future to make JAS-39 Gripen?
  11. This is how is with chaffs and flares in our F-5 aircraft: at the far back on the left console (before fuses) there are 2 knobs, left one for chaffs and the right one for flares. There you set individually for each: OFF, SINGLE or PROGRAM (and MULTI for chaffs). There is only a single button which fires chaffs and/or flares (in controls you find it under the name: Flare-Chaff Button. So if you have both knobs to OFF, nothing will be released, if you have both on ONE, each press will release 1 flare and 1 chaff. So if you want to release for example only flares one by one, turn Chaff knob to OFF, and Flare knob to SINGLE. It s a bit complicated, but this is how it is. Personally I have bound a controls for chaffs and flares: Flare/Chaff mode Selector - SINGLE and OFF, so I can change with my hotas controller.
  12. I hope for some better textures inside of the cockpit as well. Anyway, awesome news.
  13. Really? Oh, didn`t noticed that yet, have to try various scenarios. Do they also go cold?
  14. Sure it does. And better then SteamVR. PS: but you also "need" 2 more apps to install, Open Composite and OpenXT Toolkit, with which you can further improve your performance from inside of the game.
  15. You mean this same FF F-14B we have here in DCS? @-Rudel-, just for you to take a note
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