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  1. Given the tons of money Apple wins from games on iOS, they have probably some plan for Mac and why not an ARM console (Apple TV on steroid ?). But games must be compiled for ARM and use Metal as its low level API (or a framework/engine using Metal under the hood) AFAIK. But they will probably not target the same gamer population, at least at the beginning IMO
  2. I don’t like Facebook and before buying the Q2, I asked me the question. The fact that Google knows everything I am looking for, Netflix what I am watching, some stores what I am buying etc… Not sure, that I am really concerned with Facebook knowing I am playing DCS… not great but I am not sure that Steam is really better in this regard. Having some diploma in data science et machine learning, for me, the true issue with data isn’t really where media push everybody to look. It is not great for sure but it sounds for me impossible to be consistent today by boycoting the Q2 for this reason (data collect and selling is everywhere) Would be better without the Facebook account for sure…
  3. Upgraded from Rift S to Quest 2 and from a 1080ti to a 3080ti and it is worth it. The quest 2 isn’t confortable but buying VR Cover solved this issue. Clarity is better and I don’t really need more clarity now and trade more FPS for it. The quest 2 is really easy to setup and it’s a flexible headset. I play with the câble. The sharpening new feature is really great and worth the shimerring increase (and I hate shimerring) from my point of view. Waiting the 28th sounds a good idea. Personally, I really need to play without AWS and reprojection, so I makes my choice by trying to identify the headset that would not challenge my GPU. I need now to upgrade my CPU but I am waiting the 12th gen and first feedback. Update: my colleague who bought my rift S told me that he skipped the facebook account by creating a developer account. I don’t try it myself…
  4. Chapa


    I think it will be my favorite plane to fly over the Falkland
  5. Same with rift S. Feels also the size of the seat is too small. Must probably increase the world dimension for this plane (63.5mm setting by default for me)
  6. For me, with Rift S, using AWS (so interpolation at 40Hz) is perfectly smooth for sure but inaceptable to chase WWII planes (in MP servers) that appears as ghost because AWS. So, I prefer low graphical settings and 80Hz, no ghost and better immersion. In F-18, AWS with nice graphical settings and stable 40Hz is perfectly smooth. So at the end, the truth for one will never be your truth. The only fact is that you will fight to find your acceptable settings if any given your HMD and setup and with DCS and HMD evolving it becomes more and more challenging
  7. I have the same feeling and I am waiting to upgrade my stuff because I am not sure that VR will stay viable. Concerning VR there are really 3 scenarii as soon you have good enough and coherent setup: - modern jet : easy to have stable 40/45 FPS, acceptable visual sugar even with High-end HMD - WWII, jets as F86 : 80Hz/90Hz native frequency becomes mandatory. HMD with ability to play at different native frequencies is really the feature to focus on (i.e. 60Hz). 4K pixels per eyes becomes near impossible to handle at these frequencies. For sure, you have to put your graphical settings very low. I tend to think that it make no sense to have a more recent HMD than the Rift S if it is your DCS use case because it is probably the only HMD that is possible to handle at its full potential with 3090 and 11900k - Helo : It is even worse than for the WWII because in this situation, the Rift S picture is so bad that it becomes difficult to be acceptable (from my point of view) So, for sure, VR needs more love from ED but it is even more true that the HMD evolves in a direction (more pixels, higher native frequencies) that becomes incompatible with DCS, and so do the players expectations. My advice is to always ask yourself your DCS use case. Most users happy with their High-End HMD flies probably modern jets and the trade-off between lower graphical settings and better experience because VR is at their advantage. They even profit good graphical settings because they can play with AWS/reprojection or other frame interpolation I am not aware off. In other scenarii, the trade-off tends to become a paradox. Will it be possible to continue to play in VR at native frequencies without ghost planes in gun dogfight ? Not so sure, keep your Rift S for the time being and look for new HMDs with support for several native frequencies.
  8. VR would merit more attention from ED concerning graphical settings with better fine tuning (i.e only cockpit shadows, all other shadows disabled, better granularity between cockpit texture details because in VR only the highest one is acceptable, etc.) I love ED as much as I love Apple but they have the same default : it takes 20 iterations to deliver what people asked for after the first 3 iterations, with good reasons and explanation. Anyway, I will continue to buy modules and wait that things improve, buy asap an high-end new computer but keep the Rift S to play at 80Hz with better settings than Now (new HMD resolution are just insane for a games like DCS) But the fact is that I could not play DCS in 2D anymore. For people new to VR, it’s important to understand that VR is a big trade of : much much better experience (you need Hotas with lots of buttons) but much much worse graphical settings, and yes reprojection, AWS can be acceptable if you fly F18/F16/A10 etc but not if you fly warbirds chasing other plane in near dogfight (seing ghost planes because AWS is just weird and immersion breaking)
  9. I totally agree. I tend to play with low settings with my Rift S to play at 80 Hz most of the time (so PD 1, no MSAA, no shadows, only textures at high and Anisotropic x16) But even with these settings, the FPS is just above 40 in the free F16/F18 free flight mission. Need to wait to really enjoy this beautiful and free map So as a last word, Thank you ED for your work and hope to have some fix in a near futur
  10. For sure... And in dark cockpits, cockpit shadows reduce shimmering.
  11. I can confirm the same issue with the Rift S at 1.2 supersampling. It is a general issue and not a case by case issue... I am just starting to learn the Harrier, so not a big deal but hope the issue will be fixed asap
  12. It seems that the last patch has fixed the issue, no more stutters for me at least. I imagine it is related to this fix: Fixed bug in the global Radio that should have led to some improvement of game performance. Thanks you !
  13. Hey, It seems that the last update has fixed the issue. No more stutters when banking left and right in the free flight caucasus instant action. Yay, it makes my day Update : The patch release say Fixed bug in the global Radio that should have led to some improvement of game performance.«
  14. Just answer that you know how to fast erect your ADI and let the urologist google for it
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